No Lewd Wife, No Life

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Enjoy this hentai manga from artist Chin-sensei and Megastore Comics. This is the first tankoubon release by this artist!
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The title of this hentai manga is No No Life, kanji characters that mean "lewd wife." What a great pun!

The chapter list for the manga is

1. Owner's Wife
2. Getting Impregnated with Mama
3. My Very Own Personal Fuck-Maid
4. Teaching Lesson with Mama's Friends (straight shota story)
5. Plump Mother NTR Great Strategy
6. Mariko-san Next Door
7. The Prescription You Need is Sex
8. Story of Ara Ara Married Woman Sex

This is the first tankoubon release by this artist, so let's support him!

Pages: 200

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