NTR Kanojo Uniform - Netokano - Otokonoko 2L (Male M)

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This is a great cosplay item for fans of the NTR Kanojo hentai manga and anime by Satou Kuuki. You get the actual outfit worn by Mizuki Suzumori. This version is male 'otokonoko' sized.
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Enjoy a great cosplay item: the actual track and field outfit worn by Mizuki in the NTR Kanojo hentai manga and anime. It's great, made of high quality materials.

Bust size: 93-101 cm
Waist size: 97-105 cm
Size: male otokonoko 2L
Materials: Polyester 95%, Polyurethane 5%

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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SKU: TMT1655