My Assistant's Bakunyu Girl (Atellier Ryza Parody)

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Onahole manufacturer Love Factor has made a great anime parody 2D waifu for us, a "thicc" ero toy based on the Atelier Ryza game!
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Ryza is the character famous for her "dummy thick thighs" and now you can experience her like never before! This is a "torso" style toy which offers breasts, ass and stomach for you to play with, and a realistic vaginal hole to relax with any time you feel the urge. With 860 grams of material, this is an onahole that offers the perfect thickness of material around your member.

Slide into her realistic hole and discover the perfect space to stimulate yourself after a long day. The onahole interior features a series of bumps and grooves, and a realistic cervix to spill your seed into when you're ready.

Because the toy re-creates the girl's body for you, you can enjoy both missionary sex as well as doggy-style from behind!

Starter lotion included in the box.

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Weight: 860g (1.9lbs)
Length: 20cm (7.9in)
Bust Size: 7.7cm (3in)

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SKU: OD110