Lewd Hypnotism Family -- Saiin Kazoku

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This is an incredible hentai manga from artist Bai Aauka and GOT Comics that tells the story of Hypnotism Family!
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This is a special reprint edition of the popular Saimin Kazoku hentai manga from artist Bai Aauka. Across ten chapters, you get he entire story in one volume!

Ritsuko and her husband take in Seiya, the son of her brother who died. For some reason, when Seiya demands sex of Ritsuko, she willingly agrees, removing her clothes and getting into bed.

Soon Seiya, who has powers of hypnotism, is ordering Ritsuko's son Tomoya to start fucking another married woman in the neighborhood, until she gets pregnant. What's going on with this family?

Pages: 212

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