I become a tutor and have sex with my student ~ Strong Instruction for Failing Girl (Akaten Musume)

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Enjoy this new onahole series from MotLab that lets you have sex with a female student you're tutoring!
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MotLab brings us a new onahole line that lets us have sex with a cute female student we're tutoring. The girl will do anything you ask if you can help her get her grades up!

The onahole is great giving you a tight, well-shaped space to slide into whenever you like. The inside of the onahole features tight grooves that twist this way and that, creating a cyclone effect that brings you deeper and deeper inside.

At 378 grams, the weight is perfect for a quick use whenever you want to take the edge off!

Length: 16cm (6.3in)
Weight: 378g (0.8lbs)

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