I Wanna Attack You Because I Love You

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A great hentai manga filled with storiesfrom Comic Anthrium by artist Momozui Jun and GOT Comics!
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If you like stories of sexy girls who are aggressive in seeking love and sex, then this is the manga for you. These girls love you so much, they want to "attack" you!

(In Japanese, the word 'osou' can be to actually attack someone, or to aggressively try to win their love.)

The chapter are

1. Oshikake Dolce 1 (aggressive maid story)
2. Oshikake Dolce 2
3. Oshikake Dolce 3
4. Oshikake Dolce 4
5. Can I Eat You?
6. The Hedgehog's Delimma 1
7. The Hedgehog's Delimma 2

Pages: 196

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