Hyakka Inran -- One Hundred Lewd Flowers Blooming

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Enjoy this amazing hentai manga from Angel Club and new artist Kamekichi Usanomura!
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New artist Kamekichi Usanomura releases his first tankoubon format hentai manga, and it's a great one.

The chapter list is

1. Sexual Boundary -- Sexy Nun Story2. Kousoku Is The Key To Public Morals 3. Immoral Knot Part 1 (nephew and aunt incest with pregnancy)4. Immoral Knot Part 2 5. Pet Talent Childhood Friend Is Good At Serving (dog girl)6. A Woman Is Not What She Seems 7. A Ripe Body Belongs To Someone Else 8. Infirmary At Dusk

Pages: 194

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