Holy Negotiation with Isekai Sister ~ Subtone Uterus Vacuum

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Here's an amazing onahole you're going to want in your collection, simulating sex with a Nun from another world!
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This is an amazing new offering from Love Factor, a large onahole that offers you a thick and realistic sex with a sister (nun) from another world. And it's really well made!

With 930 grams of material, the company is letting fans know that they're serious about our stress reliev. The toy looks great from the outside, simulating the pussy and ass of a holy nun, who is giving her most precious gift to you.

Inside the onahole is where the magic happens. There's an incredibly detailed chaotic space with large ridges, twists and turns, which both hold lotion (for smooth lubrication) and help you finish quickly.

The inside of the toy is accurately pink colored, and there's a fun feature that allows your penis to slide inside her uterus, with a suction created that pulls you in as you finish.

Shoot your seed inside her holy place!

Since this is a large toy, it's recommended for customers who need a larger onahole experience.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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