Hamerare x Hamaru

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This is a great hentai manga from artist Ashita and GOT Comics with super sexy stories inside!
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Enjoy this collection of hentai stories made by artist Ashita!

A Gyaru falls in love with her middle-aged teacher. A shy girl goes hunting for a sugar daddy and learns the true meaning of sex. A strict student body president is secretly crazy for ero manga, and wants to try the things she reads inside.

The chapter list for this manga is1. I Can't Stand Pushy Someya-san 2. A-Chan Says He's Going To Live Baba To Pull His Guess 3. Iimitsu Yurouro Desu 4. Kuramoto-san Wants To Be A Purchase Ya 6. Choroi That Girl Is Mr Date And Time 7. I'm Not A Woman Ken Sama 8. Receiving And Communicating With Your Father

Pages: 176

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