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Enjoy the newest amazing onahole from PxPxP / G Project, called the HOMMONO TACO
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The newest amazing onahole offering from G Project is the HON-MONO TACO, which offers an amazing realistic sexual experience with...octopus tentacles?

In Japanese 'tako' means octopus, and the company has written this word as 'taco' for stylistic reasons, likely not knowing that tacos have a connection with vaginas in English.

The HON-MONO TACO is an amazing onahole, with dual-layer construction, allowing for softer materials at the front, which give way to a firmer sensation the deeper you go inside. This simulates the way a girl clinches her vaginal muscles to make her guy feel extra good during sex.

The onahole is made of the the company's 'momochi' material, which is super soft and realistic-feeling. It includes a storage bag and high quality Pepee lotion!

The outside of the toy is designed with grips to make it easy to hold. The materials are also made to never be sticky and to have very little "onahole smell."

This toy is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality.

Weight: 350g (0.8lbs)
Length: 16cm (6.3in)

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