Even A Girl of Idol Wants Sex Episode. Yui Otsuki

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We love all the Idolmaster girls, and this is a hentai parody doujinshi for fans of Yui Otsuki from Idolmaster Shiny Colors!
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Enjoy this hentai doujinshi focusing on Yui Otsuka from Idolmaster Shiny Colors.

Being an idol is stressful, and idols want some downtime, the same as everyone else. After a photo shoot, Yui helps Producer-kun with some photo editing. She notices he's got an erection, looking at her photos, so she decides to help him out!

circle KKM
artist GiriGiriMai
genre THE IDOLM@STER/Hinana Ichikawa

Pages: 24

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SKU: NDJ3266