Demi-Health! Virgin Demi-Human

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We love stories about demi-humans, and here's a hentai manga that really get inside these cute girls!
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Demi-humans (A-jin in Japanese) is a term for all "nearly" humans, like vampire, ogres, catgirls and other kind of furry-like girls, and so on. In this manga from Amashoku and Moog Comics, we get seven chapters of prostitution sex with a variety of cute "interspecies" girls!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. A Few Naughty Sounds For A New Succubus
2. Muscle Virgin Nyanko Clothes Going Operation
3. Cm Puni Angel Wants To Be A Mommy
4. Virgin Bitch Snow Woman Melting Time
5. Kyonshi Girl And Puni Puni Ass Sex
6. Lotion Play With Slime President
7. Last Episode Bunibunibunibuni Delivery Sex Service Specializing In Different Species

Pages: 192

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