Buchi Nuki Bitch ~ Seijun Hard

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Having sex with a virgin would be great, but sometimes a guy wants to get wild with an experienced woman. Now you can, with the Bitch onahole series!
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In Japanese, "bitch" means something closer to "slut," a woman who's had too many sexual partners. This onahole simulates fucking a woman like this!

This is the Seijun Hard version of the onahole, which is made of firmer materials, simulating the girl's stronger inner muscles, as she squeezes you while you're inside her guts.

The onahole is great for a quick fap, made of pure white materials to match her body. There are deep grooves inside which grip you from all sides, plus cool wavy lines that greet you at the far end.

Note This is a dual-ended onahole, and is designed so that your penis pops out the other end. This makes for an amazing new kind of experience, both tactically and visually.

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Length: 12cm (4.7in)
Weight: 180g (0.4lbs)

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