Akumade Maid 3 -lust-

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A fun hentai doujinshi series with an original story, Akumade Maid is the story of a lucky boy named Kuroya and his demon maid!
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Benibara is a wonderful maid who cooks and cleans and wakes her master up with fellatio and sex. He won her love and loyalty when he saved her from being hit by a truck, and now gets to use her body any time he wants as a reward.

In this volume, Benibana keeps showing up in Kuroya's dreams, and he can't stop thinking about her while jerking off. All the girls in his class become Benibana as he looks at them, causing him to become extremely horny.

circle: Kuro Neko Aka Ribbon
artist: Kamishoro Ryu
genre: Original

Pages: 60

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