A Taciturn Girl -- Quiet and Shy Anime Girlfriend (Kuudere Onahole)

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An extremely popular onahole from our friends at Toy's Heart, which promises an amazing sexual experience with a shy, quiet anime girl who will change completely once you get her in bed.
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When it comes to making adult toys, you can count on Japan to make some of the best out there. This is an new "virgin type" onahole by Toys Heart (ToysHeart). It has a simple one tone coloring. It's unique feature is the ridges inside which is made to give a nice gripping sensation as you use it. The toy weighs a 225g, giving it a more realistic feel. Comes with lotion. Made in Japan by Toy's Heart.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Length: 12cm (4.7in)
Width: 7cm (2.8in)
Box Size: 12.7x21.3x6.7

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