Open Position: Graphic Designer

We have an immediate job opening for a Graphic Designer, with additional responsibilities as a Marketing Assistant.


You will take charge of producing creative designs for digital marketing, print advertisements and retail packaging. Timelines for projects range from hours to weeks, so you'll need a firm understanding of time management and proactively communicate with the team to ensure deadlines are met. You will also take part in the creative writing assignments for website product descriptions, so a strong grasp on the written English language is required.


  • Residing in Japan
  • • Valid Japanese Working Visa
  • • Experience in both both digital and print media
  • • Proficiency with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • • Strong written English skills
  • • JLPT Level 3 or better.


  • • Knowledge of anime, manga and "otaku" culture, especially current trends
  • • Experience working with official or fan translation groups
  • • Presence on social media
  • • Experience working for an e-commerce website


Salary is 250,000-350,000 yen per month depending on experience. You will also receive annual bonuses and raises based on personal and overall company performance and flexible vacation time. For applicants who are moving to Isesaki, Gunma, we will provide assistance with acquiring an apartment and a company car for transportation.


J-List is a successful online shop was founded in 1996 selling anime toys, manga and doujinshi, snacks, cosplay and apparel and other Japan-related products. We strive to promote understanding of Japan through its popular culture, and among other things, we publish regular emails about what it's like to live in Japan, and have a large social media presence. Our company is based in Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture, a small city of 200,000 located on the edge of the Kanto Plain near Tokyo (about 2 hours away by slow train, 45 minutes by Shinkansen). With one of the lowest costs-of-living ratings in Japan, it’s a nice city with fast access to mountains, onsen hot springs and other cultural points of interest. We think you'll enjoy it here.


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If you are selected for an interview you will be requested to submit an English CV (Resume) and a Japanese 履歴書.

Application Deadline is December 15th

Thanks for your interest in this rare position at J-List, and best of luck if you decide to apply!