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  • Comic AG Super Erotic Manga Anthology vol. 66
    In this issue of the awesome Comic AG, enjoy "telepa sweet" by Yamatogawa, "please miss yuri" by SYOWMARU, "I'm going to be a pro!" by Kazu Shimao, "locked room" by Tanuki Kamogawa, and "Sexy Losers" by Clay B. Sex in a crowded location, large breasts, dripping pussies, and much more that's completely uncensored, and printed from the original artist's pages! A great English-language hentai release from Icarus Comics.
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  • Mimi Saotome S1 12 Hours Best (Blu-ray)
    This is a special treat: an incredible 12 hour Blu-ray capturing the entire career of lovely JAV actress Mimi Saotome, whose tall, slender body, beautiful straight hair, and willingness to perform any sex act on camera for her fans, made her very popular. There are an amazing 66 segments in this 12 hour Blu-ray: starting with her debut work and very first sex on camera back in 2015, taking you through all of her fetish and cosplay and bondage works, although it up to her "graduation" performance, as she leaves the industry. The entire career of this amazing lady, right here in this single 1080 P purchase. Order a copy now! Published by S1, 720 minutes.
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  • Cho Kirei Cho Kawaii MEGA mori vol. 24
    This is an outstanding adult magazine, actually more like an adult softcover photobook, filled with all the most beautiful Japanese porn stars, 66 subliminal! Enjoy never before released promotional photographs as well as "H" action from the set. In addition to the magazine, you get a four hour DVD.
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  • Meiji Mushroom Mountain -- Green Tea & Azuki Flavor
    A wonderfully delicious green tea and azuki (sweet red beans) flavored chocolate mixed in with finely ground nut butter in a cookie treat from Meiji. Specifically shaped like "mushrooms" making them great fun to eat, these are an extremely popular treat here in Japan, which has been sold for more than 20 years. This is a good size box, with 66 grams of "mushrooms" candies inside. Allergy information: This product contains traces of wheat, milk, and soy.
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  • 12 Colors Start! First Copic illustration Official Guide Book
    Copic is a brand of marker pen from Japan by Too and their markers are the markers of choice for professional manga artists because of their superior line quality, precise tip sizes, and long lasting inkwells. This how-to-draw book will show you how to properly use these great marker pens like the professional manga artists in Japan. Start from scratch and work your way up to advance techniques, this book is perfect for beginners with lots of detailed photos and easy to follow instructions. 66 pages. The book recommends you have a 12 color set of Copic pens for coloring these illustrations.