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  • Haitoku Niku Injo   Immoral Meaty Girl
    Nikusoukyuu and Angel Comics presents 11 chapters of immoral pleasures. This manga features tons of hot sticky action involving sister-in-laws, older wives, the wife's close friend. Other fetishes include S&M, toys, 3P, cosplay and more. This book has a premium feel with a full color open, highlights from past works on divider pages. 188 pages of A5 sized fun.
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  • Wife Teacher Main-san vol. 2
    This is volume 2 of Wife Teacher Main-san from famous artist Saigado. Main Otomono is a hot young wife working as an art teacher. Her husband comes home late and tired, and as a result could not satisfy Main in bed. One night she meets a mysterious young man at a cafe, she is suddenly swept by him and they have sex at a love hotel. The next day she is assigned to a new class and the mysterious young man turns out to be one of her new student. Don't miss Saigado's latest hentai offering! A must-have for erotic art collectors. Eight chapters. 170-pages. By Angel Comics.
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  • Isshoni Shiyo   Secret Relations with all your Love
    Fabulous new erotic manga by saitom and Wani Magazine, featuring a collection of stories fantasizing about "oneesan" types, a word which means a friend's sexy older sister, or any woman who is in the 22-27 age range. With amazing art and characters and his famous signature "kyonyu" (huge breast) style, you will love all of the pages of this top-class manga work. Costume themes include nurse, school girls, mails and more.