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  • Coffee Kizoku Special Calendar 2018
    Here's a gorgeous calendar from one of the best hentai artists from Japan; Coffee Kizoku, known for creating beautiful bishoujo anime style illustrations that are beloved by his fans. After last year's popularity, this calendar is coming back with new and faboulous illustrations. Comes with 13 different pages, all in full color, in very large A2 size. This is a preorder scheduled for release in December 2017.
  • 10th BLEND - Coffee Kizoku 10th Anniversary
    Coffee Kizoku is a celebrated illustrator from Japan, who creates wonderful images of female characters, either his original works or some of our favorite anime girl's. Here's a great new artbook, celebrating 10 years of Coffee Kizoku's career as an illustrator, with tons of gorgeous illustrations of girls and freebies such as coasters and a reversible poster, plus 2 original Coffee Kizoku recipes that are easy to prepare and fast. A great artbook for fans!
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  • Sumika Aoyama 1/6 Figure Debut pause 2017 Edition Illustrated by Coffee Kizoku
    Coffee Kizoku is a popular Japanese illustrator known for creating beautiful bishoujo characters that are beloved by his fans. This is an 1/6 scale figure of Sumika Aoyama, one of Coffee Kizoku's creations. She is dressed in a sexy two piece bikin while making a standard gravure pose that lets you appreciate her body. A wonderful figure for collectors by Daiki Kogyo. This is a preorder scheduled for release in October 2017.
  • Free Friends 2
    "Free Friends" is a popular message board where girls could arrange for sexual relations with men they don't know in exchange for money and a place to sleep for the night. You follow the story of Kaito and Sumire who begin their relationship through Free Friends without realizing that they're brother and sister! This is a great visual novel from Noesis with amazing art and captivating story. Order your copy now! PC Spec ---------------------------------------------------------------- Required CPU: Pentium 4 1.4GHz Recommended CPU: Pentium4 2.0GHz+ Required Memory: 384MB Recommended Memory: 512MB+ Required Resolution: 800x600 Required Colors: High Color Sounds: PCM, Direct Sound Required HDD Free Space: 1GB+ DirectX: 9.0c+
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  • Coca Cola Coffee Plus
    Coca Cola Japan releases a special edition drink perfect for collectors of unique Japanese drinks. This is the Coca Cola Coffee Plus in a beautiful special edition 2017 aluminum can. Great as a gift and perfect for collectors! Supplies limited so get your bottle soon!
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  • Yokosuka Navy Coffee Caramel
    Another wonderful treat from Japan, this is the famous Yokosuka Navy treat, coffee caramel, now available for everyone. A classic coffee flavor with a delightfully sweet taste. Each box contains 18 delicious caramels. A great item for collectors of dagashi (traditional Japanese sweets). Great for Kantai Collection (KanColle) fans!
  • Kasugai Charcoal Roasted Coffee Candy
    Here's a great new hard candy from the Kasugai candy company. A delicious treat of stone roasted coffee bean flavored candy. Wrapped in individual packets, these candies will stay fresh for a long time. Super delicious. Beloved by the entire J-List staff. Approximately 30 pieces per bag. Jun recommends! Allergy Information: Peanuts [Ingredients] Liquid sugar, sugar, coffee extract, coffee powder, vegetable oil, flavoring, emulsifier (soy-derived)
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  • Pocket Monster nanoblock+ Fennekin's Coffee Shop
    While not as small as the regular nanoblock, nanoblock+ are extremely small -- the smallest piece measures a mere 6mm. With these you can make amazing buildings and battle fields that you would have otherwise thought were impossible with other building blocks. This set makes a cute coffee shop for Fennekin (Fokko in the Japanese version), from the popular anime and game series Pokemon. It is rated as moderately easy to complete, and perfect for those wanting a small challenge on the weekend. You can also combine this set with the other Pokemon set to create a very cool mini Pokemon town. Collect them all now!
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  • The Bag for Green Tea, Coffee, etc...
    Tea is such a wonderful way relax and improve your health, and loose tea -- of any kind -- is the best way to enjoy tea. The trouble is, loose tea is so messy, requiring a special pot with filter screens, and then the tea gets all over the place when you go to throw it away. Here's a solution: high quality DIY tea bags that you can fill with any kind of tea, including green tea, Western black tea, or the wonderful Asian teas like oolong or dokidami. You can also fill it with coffee! There are 48 cotton tea bags in each package, and they're super easy to use: just open one bag and put the tea or coffee inside, then close the string to keep it from getting loose. (teapg)
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  • Cafe Shaburi-nagara   Good Coffee, Good Penis
    Another wacky production from SOD, that we highly recommend to JAV fans, featuring girls in what appears to be a totally normal Coffee Shop, except for the (real) cocks coming out from walls, tables, desks and more... Everywhere you see is just normal life, girls enjoying coffee, studying, or just having funny conversation with their friends while sometime turning to the penises for a little stress relief. No men appear on this production, except for their penises, really fun and erotic to watch, with tons of cute japanese sluts. 150min.
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  • E2 Plus vol. 13 - Etsu Plus vol. 13
    Fans of moe moe artwork will love E2, a quarterly magazine that brings you only the most kawaii anime girls. Each perfect-bound, A4-size issue features galleries of beautiful artwork from famous moe illustrators like Kantoku, Tenmu, and Nishimata Aoi, plus interviews and guides to drawing your own super-cute girls. You also get new issues of fun moe manga and previews of upcoming games! Each issue also comes with exclusive omake (free gifts) like large pin-up posters of cute and original anime girls. Immerse yourself in a world of bishoujo and moe beyond your wildest dreams with this excellent magazine. IN THIS ISSUE: Lots of awesome artwork and original content by Japan's top artist, with information on each artist and the characters in works they been creating. This magazine gives you tons of contents about your favorite artists, including large-scale visuals, interviews and Japanese, information on how to create art with analog or digital processes, and more. This issue comes with a free Coffee Kizoku Clear File.
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  • Panda Bear Pair Mug Set
    Who doesn't love a pair of cute pandas? Ever since China gifted new panda bears to Japan in 2011, Japan's been experiencing a new "panda boom" with hundreds of cute products showing up in stores. This very cute pair of panda cups is the perfect accompaniment for drinking teas with your best friends and family. Great for your coffee cup collection! One of the bears is even blushing -- kawaii. A great product from Japan.
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  • Cocoa Nendoroid Figure -- Is the order a rabbit??
    From the fun anime series "Is the order a rabbit?," here's a kawaii Nendoroid figure of cute main protagonist Cocoa Hoto. She comes in her signature school uniform complete with several fun extra parts including three expressions, coffee cup, extra arms, camera, dog ears and tail, Tippy, and more. From Good Smile Company. This is a preorder scheduled for release in December 2017.
  • Cocoa (Cafe Style) 1/7 Figure -- Is the order a rabbit??
    From the fun anime series "Is the order a rabbit?," here's an amazing figure of cute main protagonist, Cocoa Hoto. She comes in her signature school uniform complete with carrot hair accessory, and she's also carrying a bread basket and coffee pot. You'll love the excellent craftsmanship and painting of this figure. From Plum and PM Office A. This is a preorder scheduled for release in late October 2017.
  • Tsuki Possession + Virgin Roster Bundle Pack
    Here's another excellent 2-in-1 combo pack of our erotic English-translated visual novels, Tsuki: Possession and Virgin Roster, two games with a dark approach to sex and storytelling. Tsuki Possession We are all not what we seem. After Yosukes mother died, followed by his father shortly after remarrying, he found himself surrounded by kind and sympathetic women: his stepmother Shizuka, her daughter Ryoko, gentle teacher Keiko, and more. They'd do anything to ease his pain, even offer themselves to him sexually if asked. And so a demon rises within him... The game features excellent scenes and interaction with all the game characters, and several dark game routes to explore, including a sexual relationship with your stepmother or her daughter, your teacher, the owner of the coffee shop where you work part time and more. Virgin Roster On the outside, Kengo is a mild-mannered teacher at a Japanese university, but inside, he's a devil looking for beautiful girls to claim. Who will his next unsuspecting victim be? His greatest love is discovering the secret virgins in the school and depriving them of their virginity! And now the hunt is beginning again... System Requirements OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 Processor: Pentium 2 or better Memory: 32 MB RAM DirectX: Version 9.0c This is for the physical edition of the games.
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  • Morinaga Coriander Bake Chocolate
    The Japanese love their chocolate, and the more delicate and specially created, the more popular it is. Morinaga brings us this very special Coriander Bake chocolate for those who love mint chocolate ice cream. These delightful chocolates have a sweet taste of chocolate with a layer of Coriander, and are baked into perfection. Comes in bite sized pieces. Excellent with coffee and tea! Allergy information: This product contains milk and soy beans. [Ingredients] Sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa powder, whole powdered milk, skimmed milk powder, cacao mass, maltose, powdery powder / trehalose, emulsifier (derived from soybean), fragrance
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  • Hypnotic Domination App
    Adult label Rocket brings us another wacky JAV, this time about a smartphone app that can hypnotize and dominate anyone. Enjoy the sight of beautiful women turned into human coffee makers, loyal pets, and babies or do an erotic dance while naked. Lots of ero scenes and wacky situations in this 100 minute, region free DVD.
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  • Monster Energy M-3 Super Concentrate
    The amazing Monster energy drink is now in Japan, but in a super concentrated bottle form. Energy drinks were traditionally packed in small "elixir" like bottle, like this one. One bottle contains 140mg of caffeine, x1.5 of a cup of coffee and around the same as a regular can of Monster Energy drink, plus all the other bonus energy-boosting ingredients found in Monster. As always, drink responsibly and reasonably with any energy drink. A rare Monster drink from Japan.
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  • Nendoroid - NEW GAME!: Aoba Suzukaze
    It's what all New Game! fans have been waiting for! Now you can own your very own chibi Nendoroid action figure of the lovable Aoba Suzukaze. She comes with three expressions, coffee cup, employee ID card, game pad, speech balloon, and more! The perfect addition to your cute figure collection. By Good Smile Company. This is a preorder scheduled for release in late February 2018.
  • Glico Cream Collon Strawberry
    Glico, makers of many other wonderful snack foods, bring you the tragically-named flavored Cafe Au Latte snack Collon. You'll love the creamy whipped melt-in-your-mouth center (fuwa-fuwa in Japanese) covered by a crunchy outer shell. This is a single snack size of the soft crunchy colon in strawberry flavor for a delicious coffee taste. Share with friends or keep to yourself! Allergy Information: This product contains eggs, milk, wheat, and soy. [Ingredients] Shortening, flour, sugar, glucose, maltose, lactose, egg, dextrin, dried egg white, whole milk powder, reduced water syrup, strawberry powder, salt / emulsifier, fragrance, coloring agent (carotenoid, red koji), acidulant Egg milk, wheat, soybeans)
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  • Panda DECOLE Manmaru Mug Cup & Spoon
    For everyone who loves the DECOLE line of products, here's a large mug that's perfect for your coffee drinking needs. This is an incredibly cute mug-cup featuring the friendly smiling panda bear that comes with a matching ceramic spoon to make it look like a baby panda is peeking over the mug. Great for hot or cold drinks and holds approximately 8oz of liquid. Measures 10 cm (3.9 inches) high with a diameter of 9 cm (3.5 inches). A cute addition to your kitchen!
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  • Meiji Mini Assortment
    Japanese kids (as would any kid) love candy. And now we have a great sampler in a fun sized pack. Get a great mix of five yummy flavors. Try the M&M like treat "Marble" with its strawberry or chocolate center, "Coffee Beat" for its rich coffee taste, "Aporu" with its strawberry/ chocolate mix or "Choco Baby" for its chocolatey goodness that melts in your mouth. You or your kids will love it! Great for fans of traditional "dagashi" too. Allergy information: Milk, Soy, Apple, Cocoa, Grape, Gelatin [Ingredients] Sugar, liquid sugar, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, lactose, concentrated fruit juice (strawberry, lemon, grape, apple, Muscat, grapefruit), cocoa butter, starch, gelatin, concentrated yogurt, vegetable oil, dextrin, yogurt powder, fructo-oligosaccharides, dried strawberries , maltose, apple powder, sorbitol, acidulant, polysaccharide thickener, (including soy) eggshell calcium, emulsifier, vitamin C, perfume, brightening agent, coloring (flavonoid, anthocyanin, gardenia, carotenoids, beet red, spirulina blue , red yeast, vitamin B2), vitamin E, sweetener (thaumatin), cellulose
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  • Gift Set Cat Mug and Towel Set
    Here's a kawaii item from Japan, a coffee cup + mini towel set featuring two adorable cats. Made from high quality materials, these items will last for a long time. Comes in beautiful box which is perfect for giving as a gift. Recommended for cat lovers or fans of Japan's cute culture.
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  • Kutsuwa Study Flashcards 70sheets w/Check Sheet (Set of 2)
    Those studying foreign languages in Japan can often be seen on a train or in a coffee shop with these study cards. Kept on an openable ring, these pocket-sized quiz/flash cards can be pulled out at any time for a quick quiz no matter where you are. These are incredibly convenient for Japanese study - just write the word in English on one side and the word in Japanese on the other and test yourself on the English or on the Japanese. This is a simple yet powerful study guide made even better with see-through red and green plastic sheets. If you write in red or green, the words will be invisible if you cover with the appropriate sheet, especially if you want to quiz yourself on more than one thing on a page. Pick up these handy flashcards made in Japan today.
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  • CAT DECOLE Manmaru Mug Cup & Spoon
    This very cute Cat Decole Manmaru mug cup is sure to become one of your favorites. With a very cute black cat illustration on the front and a tail for handle, this cup is perfect for any type of drink. Comes with an adorable spoon designed like a black cat to stir your tea, coffee, or soup. This spoon can also be attached to the mug when not in use and it looks really kawaii. Great for displaying too and makes for a great conversation starter.
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