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  • Nyantype July 2017
    This is a new issue of the super popular NyanType, a Megami-like magazine full of sexy girl character posters, articles on the latest bishoujo anime series, and more, which has become a bi-monthly magazine, appearing every other month. In this issue: See great posters, character info and full page illustrations from Saekano, Hinako Note, Eromanga Sensei, Seven Deadly Sin, Kantai Collection, Kemono Friends, Brave Witches, and New Game! and much more. This issue comes with a Brave Witches Clear File and a Poster
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  • Rou TYPE - Marugoto Mages. Magazine
    This is a special item indeed: a single one-shot issue dedicated to many excellent works in the Kagaku Adventure Series by Nitropls and Mages, which are Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate. Robotics;Notes, Occultic;Nine, and Chaos;Child. The magazine, which is a re-mixed version of Nyantype, is filled with tons of information on all these great series, both the games as well as the anime. You also get information on the future of the series, what is coming in the next few years. It's great! Best of all, you get free stuff in the form of a Chaos;Child document protector, plus a large Chaos;Child poster. Hurrt as this item can't be restocked once it sells out!
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