Tenga Flip 0 (ZERO) Brings Good Vibrations to Guys [NSFW]

Enjoy Good Vibrations with the new Tenga Flip Zero There is no doubt about it: one of the most amazing companies in modern Japan is Tenga, the first company to bring really outstanding design...

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Gui Gui Go In! Sexual Union!!

Japanese Masturbation Toy Lets You Enter Heaven [NSFW]

New ‘Oku Made Go In!’ Japanese Masturbation Toy Lets You Enter Heaven As I’ve written before in these onahole review articles, one of our favorite companies to work with was...

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Spread Legs Onahole

New Sujiman Onahole Raises More Than Eyebrows [NSFW]

Neotenic Fairy Deluxe Sujiman Onahole Every time I write something like “this is the most impressive ecchi toy I’ve ever seen,” Japan goes and ups its onahole game, making me feel...

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Onahole Top List Kancolle

J-List Onahole Top List Will Surprise You

The Onahole Top List for September Will Surprise You September was a busy month for J-List, with preparations for the insanity that will be the upcoming Christmas season, plus our usual site update...

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Virgin Killer Onahole

New Virgin Killer Onahole Will Kill Your Virginity [NSFW]

New Virgin Killer Onahole is Great for Fate/Apocrypha Fans Japan is good at coming up with ways to relieve our daily stress with our favorite 2D  anime characters, and now Tamatoys has an...

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New Hole!!

New Game Ecchi Toy Gets a Second Season [NSFW]

New Game Ecchi Toy Gets a Second Season We love Tamatoys for being a company bold enough to bring us fun anime parody onaholes to sell, because there’s nothing better than relieving your daily...

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1Head Of The Sexual Council

Is the Order a Student Council President? [NSFW]

The Student Council President Onahole from Toy’s Heart There are certain types of characters you always seem to show up in anime. A glasses-wearing dojikko clumsy girl. A blue-haired girl who...

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Childhood Friend

A Special Experience with the Girl Next Door [NSFW]

A New Toy’s Heart Onahole ‘Childhood Friend’ When you watch a harem anime, you quickly get used to the “rhythm” of different types of girls in the story: a spicy...

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Virgin Tight Innocent Pussy

Onahole Review: Toy’s Heart Comes Through Again [NSFW]

Onahole Review: the Virgin Tight Innocent Pussy Comes Through If you been following these ridiculously detailed onahole review articles that I write, you’ll know that I like to review the...

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Cock Fit – Moko Moko Dot

New ‘Cock Fit’ Japanese Sex Toy is Well Named [NSFW]

The ‘Cock Fit’ Japanese Sex Toy Series Will Do What It Promises We’ve been impressed with the products of Maccos, a new onahole manufacturer based in Tokyo that presumably...

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Inwaku Suggestion – Nostalgic Onahole

The Japanese Masturbator That Made J-List Say ‘Damn’ [NSFW]

The Inwaku Suggestion is the Japanese Masturbator That Made Us Say ‘Damn’ J-List deals with a lot of fun products from Japan, including many ecchi items that help us guys maintain a...

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Servant Sexual Slavery

Fans Rejoice as the first Fate/Grand Order Onahole is Released [NSFW]

Tamatoys has caught on to the popularity of Fate/Grand Order, giving us the first Fate/Grand Order themed onahole toy, based on the lovely Shielder (Mashu)! It’s a great toy that will provide...

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