Last November, J-List launched our J-List Box monthly boxes, which lets you get your mitts on awesome Japanese snacks, seasonal and toy items, plus awesome ecchi products every month. There’s no subscription to buy, you just pre-order the boxes you want  before the deadline (and before they sell out), can you send you the awesome J-List Box items at the start of the following month.  Now it’s time to give you the details of the new J-List Box deluxe snack box for July!

July Blog Snack Box DX
J-List Box – Snack Box DX (July Edition)

Here are all the awesome items. This is the deluxe version that cost only $29, which comes with 16 wonderful snacks and a drink, hand-picked by our staff in Japan. There’s also a cheaper version that only cost $19 but omits some of the items, including the drink.

J List Box July1
Glico Cream Collon (Milk Flavor)

The first item is a delicious cream filled cookie called — wait for it — Collon, pronounced “colon.” The cookies are “milk” flavored, a flavor you encounter a lot in Japan.

J List Box July2
Neru Neru Nerune Ramune Flavor

Next up, we have one of the fun DIY snacks similar to Kracie’s Popin’ Cookin’ would you exploded in popularity a few years ago. This is Neru Neru Nerune, And it’s basically liquid candy you mix, then add candy sprinkles to it. You get all the stuff you need to make the candy mass, the powders, the candy pieces, the trade to mix them in, etc.  check look at this video, showing how the candy works:

J List Box July3
Seaweed Tempura Snack — Sudachi Flavor

The whole point of the J-List Box snack box is the sample lots of different Japanese snacks, and this is a wonderful nori (seaweed) fried tempura snack, yum.

J List Box July4
Tohato Caramel Corn — Cream Melon Soda Flavor

Everyone loves melon soda, which is one of the top sellers on the site consistently, so why not enjoy melon soda flavored “caramel corn” snacks? Why not, indeed!

J List Box July5
Lotte Dekavita Tablet

I’m happy to see this, since Dekavita C is one of my favorite energy drinks in Japan. While energy drinks appeared a decade or so ago in the West, they’ve been a fixture in Japan since the 70s, and I love the “vitamin-ey” taste of Dekavita C. These are candy tablets with all the same energy and vitamins (including vitamin C and Royal Jelly).

J List Box July6
Lotte C.C. Lemon Gummy

More healthy candy. This is C.C. Lemon, A popular health drink, but this is a gummy version of the drinking. So enjoy your vitamin C-laced gummy candies.

J List Box July7
FritoLay Cheetos Wasabi Mania

We love the Frito-Lay company for opening a Japanese subsidiary and giving us lots of wacky random snacks to sell. These are honest-to-God wasabi flavored Cheetos. How can you resist ordering this box? They are only available in this box.

J List Box July8
“Taku-Bar” Anchovy Potato Flavor

More exotic Japanese snacks, this time delicious toast that is flavored wonderfully, they go great with wine or beer.

J List Box July9
Crazy Salt Biscuit

Here’s another interesting random snack, the official “Crazy Salt,” great for munching.

J List Box July10
Nuts Bon Candy Classic Pack

There are a lot of Japanese snacks at it been around for decades, many of which are considered dagashi, the traditional candies of the Showa Period, including this, a peanut candy that’s been around since 1968.

J List Box July11
Kaki no Tane “Coco Ichiban” Curry Flavor

One snack I eat almost daily is Kaki no Tane rice crackers and peanuts. Kaki no Tane means “persimmon seed,” which is the nickname of this kind of rice cracker, since that’s what its shape is like. This is a rare curry flavored rice crackers and peanut snack.

J List Box July12
Orion Mini Cola

Another example of traditional dagashi candy, This is Mini Cola,  delightful cola flavored candies that are kind of similar to Smartees, but cola flavored.

J List Box July13
Morinaga Hi-Chew — Crown Melon Flavor

We love the Hi-Chew soft candies from Morinaga, kind of like Starburst if Starburst were more awesome.  These are fresh Crown Melon flavored.

J List Box July14
Lotte Ume (Japanese Plum) Gum

Everyone loves the amazing gum from Lotte, and this is ume (plum) flavored, delicious. It’s regular (sweet) plum flavored by the way, not the tart, dried plum known as Ume-Boshi.

J List Box July15
Bourbon Petite Mango Wafer

One cookie that’s been around a long time in Japan — you can tell by how weird it sounds to the ear — are uehaasu cookies, which comes from the English word “wafers” according to Wikipedia. This is a sleeve of tasty wafer cookies flavored with mango from Okinawa.

J List Box July16
Cream Puff Drink

Finally, the drink included in this month’s J-List Box is really amazing…Beard Papa’s Cream Puff in a can. The Japanese love cream puffs, which they call choux créme becuase French is sexy to the Japanese, and you can enjoy this amazing taste in liquid form.

  • Pokemon Iron Beads Set DX

    Pokemon Iron Beads Set DX

    This is a great set of Pokemon Iron Beads, it's like a DIY keychain and puzzle that uses an iron. Set includes beads, 6 ball chains, 6 pattern papers, instruction manual, one plate, and one paraffin paper. Designs include Pikachu, Rowlet, Nyabby, Popplio, Togedemaru, and a Pokeball. Just arrange the beads on the plate and then iron both the front and back a couple of times and you're keychain is complete. See video below for a sample on how to make one of these keychains. Note: Be careful when handling an iron.

  • Lotte Pokemon Chewing Candy -- Cola Flavor

    Lotte Pokemon Chewing Candy -- Cola Flavor

    Lotte brings out another great idea, mixing the cuteness of Pikachu with the delicious taste of cola. This soft chewing candy is smaller than the average size, designed to be safe for even young fans of the Pokemon game series. With this candy in your pocket, you too will be able to call Pikachu by your side to help with your daily problems. A snack that all kids from Japan love. Allergy Information: This product contains milk, soybeans, and gelatin. [Ingredients] Syrup, sugar, vegetable fat and oil, gelatin, whole powdered milk, soybean protein, cola nut extract, processed starch, acidulant, emulsifier, coloring agent (caramel, anthocyanin, safflower yellow), flavoring

  • Lillie Nendoroid Figure -- Pokemon

    Lillie Nendoroid Figure -- Pokemon

    From the fun video game Pokemon Sun and Moon, here's a fun and posable Nendoroid figure of Lilie, the mysterious cute girl who assists the professor. She comes with plenty of extra parts including three expressions, a hat, bag, Cosmog, and more. A great item for Pokemon fans. This is a preorder scheduled for release in November 2017.

  • Red Figma Action Figure -- Pokemon

    Red Figma Action Figure -- Pokemon

    From the ultra-popular Pokemon series, here's a fun and posable Figma action figure of Pokemon Trainer Red, the player character from the game. He comes with plenty of extra parts including 3 expressions, a Pokeball, backpack, Bulbasaur (Fushigidane), Charmander (Hitokage), Squirttle (Zenigame), and more. A great item for Pokemon fans. This is a preorder scheduled for release in December 2017.