Amazing New “Puffy Vulva” Virgin Onahole

When it comes to an onahole masturbation aid from Japan, there are many routes you can go with. Something simple, like the amazing Tenga Egg, or one of the short-but-sweet beginner onaholes we sell, which start at just $12. You could go for a catgirl-themed onahole because life is too short to be ordinary, or enjoy a “thicc” anime girl, so nice for keeping warm on winter nights.

Or you could choose the newly released Virgin Matchless DX virgin onahole, one of the most realistic and detailed masturbation aids we’ve seen. With incredibly detail both inside and out and a “puffy vulva” design that feels great, there’s no better way to manage your prostate health. And the virgin onahole lets you be her “first.”


Virgin Matchless Package
Virgin Matchless Package

The toy, made in Japan by Fillworks, simulates a sexy female ninja who’s great at wielding a sword, but never got around to losing her virginity. As a result she’s shy about doing the deed, so you have to help her become a woman.


Virgin Matchless Entrance
Virgin Matchless Entrance

The toy is a full sized closed-type onahole that accurately recreates every aspect of a ripened woman, ready for plucking. There’s a soft white body with a focus on the buttocks and labia major, the inviting pink inside coloring, and the amazing detail throughout.


Virgin Matchless Kupa!
Virgin Matchless Kupa〜!

Open the sex toy — the Japanese language has a specific onotopia for that, which is kupaa! — and you’re greeted with a hyper-realistic fake vagina, ready for your use. Everything is accurately recreated, from out outer and inner lips, and even a hymen that you get to break, the first time you use it. But not just a single hymen: the toy goes beyond reality by giving you seven amazing barriers to break through!

She’s waiting for you, Oniichan!


Virgin Matchless Inside
Virgin Matchless Inside

A cross section of the inside of the Virgin Matchless onahole. Amazing coloring, just like the real thing. Superb construction inside, to feel exactly like the real thing. Plus the multiple hymen barriers you get to penetrate for the first time, the proof of her pure body and heart.


Virgin Matchless Shape
Virgin Matchless Shape Pukkuri – Moriman

The outside of the toy is amazing, too. The details: length 15 cm (6 inches), 343 grams (a good weight for a realistic experience), and lotion is included. The toy recreates what’s known as moriman, or a vulva that’s puffy.

The toy is easy to clean: just wipe out repeatedly with tissue to remove all liquids. The toy should not be turned inside out, as this might shorten the life of your onahole.


Virgin Matchless 1
Virgin Matchless Made In Japan

The Virgin Matchless DX onahole is really an amazing experience that will keep your stress levels managed for years. Order one right now!


Virgin Matchless Onahole


Virgin Matchless Onahole 3


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Virgin Matchless Onahole 4
“I dunno, what do you wanna do?”

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