The Kemono Friends Onahole You Didn’t Know You Needed

“I see you’re a ‘friends’ who’s good at masturbation!”

So there’s this wonky-but-interesting CGI based anime called Kemono Friends, which turned out to be one of the biggest surprise hits in anime shows in years. It’s about a mysterious theme park called Japari Park populated with cute animal “friends” of varying types, who get along and explore their world, filled with mysterious run-down technology, though they have no awareness of this. One day, a human girl appears in the park, and everyone goes on a journey to the Library to discover what kind of animal she is. Kemono Friends exploded with fans for reasons that no one is really sure of, and in just a few weeks, it had accumulated more fanart images on Pixiv than long-running hardcore series like Steins;Gate.

Kedamono Friends Kemono Friends Parody Onahole
Kedamono Friends Onahole Box

Now you can bring your Serval obsession to a whole new level, thanks to our friends at Tamatoys! This is a fun original new Kemono Friends onahole toy that re-creates the inner feel of Serval-chan, so you can spend many enjoyable evenings getting to know her really well. It has some fun unique features that will bring your love of Kemono Friends to new heights!

Kedamono Friends Kemono Friends Parody Onahole 4
Kedamono Friends onahole side view

This is the Kemono Friends onahole side view. It’s a “closed type” toy, centered around a very silly pun, “Japari-man.” In the anime, this is the mysterious food all the animals eat, never wondering where it comes from. But in this case, man refers to manko (pussy) rather than manju (traditional Japanese cakes).

Kedamono Friends Kemono Friends Parody Onahole 3
Kedamono Friends features

The inside of the onahole. It has a realistic type opening at the front, strong ribs along the tube that you slide along, and a “feeling so good, your IQ will fall” (a reference to a Japanese online meme that helped make the show so popular).

Kedamono Friends Kemono Friends Parody Onahole 2
Kedamono Friends internal view

Here’s what the onahole looks like from the business and. Being an inexpensive toy, it’s slightly on the small side, so if you’re very well-endowed, you might want to get a larger toy like the My Very Own Girlfriend. But it stretches, as shown, so most customers will be well served.

As usual, the toys made in Japan for maximum safety, and includes a bottle of lotion, though of course we sell the good stuff on our site. To clean, just wipe with tissues until dry, it will only take a few tissues because this is not a large or complex onahole.

Kemono Friends Parody Onahole 2
Kemono Friends Parody Onahole 1
Kemono Friends Parody Onahole 5

Kemono friends serval onahole

Your parting gif. Thanks for reading, and let’s make sweet Kemono Friends onahole-related memes together!