New ‘Oku Made Go In!’ Japanese Masturbation Toy Lets You Enter Heaven

As I’ve written before in these onahole review articles, one of our favorite companies to work with was Toy’s Heart, because they do such amazing things with innovative design and manufacturing to create masturbation toys for men that go beyond what’s possible in the real world. The new Oku Made Go In! Japanese masturbation toy is another great example of their work. Let’s learn more about it!


Oku Made Go In! Sexual Union!! Japanese masturbation toy
Gui Gui Go In! Sexual Union!! Japanese Masturbation toy

This is the box for the Oku Made Go In! Japanese masturbation onahole, showing a cute girl with stylish fashion who you are about to get to know very well. She’s got a cute innocent face, and is saying “Plant a seed? Where are you going to plant a seed?”

Oku Made Go In! Sexual Union!! Japanese masturbation toy
Oku Made Go In! Sexual Union!! Shape

The exterior of the toy, like all the toys made by Toy’s Heart, is pleasant to the eyes, featuring accurate skin tone coloring and a welcoming slit that beckons you in after a hard day at work. The material is designed to be realstic to the touch and not give off any onahole factory smell.

Oku Made Go In! Sexual Union!! Japanese masturbation toy
Inside of Gui Gui Go In! Sexual Union!!

The inside of the Oku Made Go In! Japanese masturbatin toy is where things really get interesting. Once past the outer labia, you’ll be greeted by soft plates with bumps and ridges which stimulate you from all sides. By squeezing the onahole while you use it, you can adjust the sensation and change the feeling entirely. At the end there’s a “seed-spewing place” (tanezuke pureisu) for you to finish into, which is extra soft and nice because of the 20 mm of onahole material around it. The rough patch at the top of the toy is an exaggerated G-spot, so if you use the toy upside-down you’ll enjoy another new sensation, as the patch moves along the bottom of your penis.

Gui Gui Go In! Sexual Union!!4
Onii chan!

Just think of all the wonderful things you’re going to introduce this girl to! She doesn’t have much sexual experience, but she’s willing to let you teach her. You’re going to have so much fun together!

The Japanese masturbation toy is made by Toy’s Heart here in Japan, in accordance with all Japanese manufacturing and sanitary guidelines. A bottle of starter lotion is included, but we have other kinds of Japanese lotion in stock, included “scented” virgin lubricant. To clean, repeatedly wipe with tissues until dry. If you make sure to remove liquids after you’ve used it, you should get months or years of use out of this great onahole.

We think this new Japanese masturbation toy is a great addition to your secret collection of stress-relief products. Want to order one?

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    Oku Made Go In! Sexual Union!!

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