Kimi No Na Wa. Visual 1

The Best Looking and Animated Anime of All Time According to Japan

Charapedia asked 10,000 anime fans the question: Which anime series is the best looking and animated of all time? And from thousands of fans, most of the responses are from the female fans (54.0%),...

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The Top 5 Male And Female Anime Characters According To The November 2017 Issue Of Newtype

The Top 5 Male and Female Anime Characters According to the November 2017 Issue of Newtype

Today’s character rankings come from the November 2017 Issue of the popular Japanese monthly anime magazine, NewType. NewType Magazine is a monthly publication originating from Japan, covering...

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Fate EXTELLA Tamamo No Mae School Uniform Figure 0002

Tamamo no Mae Wearing a Revealing School Uniform!

Phat Company has recently revealed details about the upcoming 1/6th scale figure of Tamamo no Mae wearing a school uniform, based on an illustration that was included as a store purchase bonus! From...

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Hajimete No Gal Yukana Yame Figure

Frisky Figure of Yukana Yame Revealed

Kadokawa has recently revealed details about the upcoming 1/7th scale figure of the fashionable high school “gal” with a rather guarded personality, Yukana Yame! From the anime series...

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Date A Live Kurumi Tokisaki Figure 0002

The Best Girl from Date a Live Turns into a Cat

Kadokawa has recently revealed details about the upcoming 1/7th scale figure of Kurumi Tokisaki based on an illustration from the Tsunako Art Book -Converves- which was released on the 25th February...

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Celebrate Super Sonico's Birthday With This New Wallpaper 1920x1080

Celebrate Super Sonico’s Birthday with This New Wallpaper!

Not only are we celebrating Sonico’s birthday with a limited promo code that gives you a nice discount, but Nitroplus have spoiled us with a new limited time wallpaper of Sonico to celebrate her...

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Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu

Japanese Fans Decide on the Most Pleasurable Anime from Summer 2017

Japanese media website, Animeanime, has recently asked their users the question: Which anime series from the summer 2017 line-up did you enjoy the most? The data was accumulated from August 28, 2017...

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Pretty Soldier Wars

The History of Hentai Games, Part 1

The History of Hentai Games, Part 1 I’m sometimes asked about the history of J-List, and how this wonky, fun company got started, and how we got involved with hentai games. The year was 1995, a...

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Kemono Friends And Japan's Otaku Penguin

Saying Goodbye to Japan’s Otaku Penguin

Saying Goodbye to a Kemono Friend, Japan’s Otaku Penguin Two announcements. First, we’re happy to report that the Megumi Halloween stickers are available again, so if you want one, put in...

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Grape Kun Fan Art 2

The Legendary 2D-Girl-Loving Otaku Penguin Grape-Kun Passes Away

Grape-kun was a penguin living at the Tobu Zoo in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, who gained a large following for his perceived interest in a cardboard cutout of the anthropomorphic penguin character...

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Sadistic Calendar Will Treat You Like Scum Everyday Blend S Anime Calendar Revealed

Sadistic Anime Girl Will Treat You Like Scum Everyday – Blend S Anime Calendar Revealed

The official website for the anime adaptation of Miyuki Nakayama’s Blend S manga series has revealed a calendar which will feature a new sadistic voice-line by the anime’s main heroine Maika...

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Fate Grand Order Astolfo Cosplay 0003

Feminine Astolfo Cosplayer Hits up the Swimming Pool

Taiwan cosplayer Atsushi has recently shown some love for Fate/Apocrypha’s feminine Astolfo, the Twelfth Paladin of Charlemagne. She’s done a wonderful job cosplaying Astolfo dressed in pool...

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