The official Twitter account for American international fast food restaurant chain, Wendy’s, has been creating some real beef between other fast food chains on Twitter recently. They recently conversed with competitor Hardee’s on Twitter, over who has the best “4 for $4” deal.

Wendy's Mascot Is Now A Popular Smug Anime Girl 1 Wendy's Mascot Is Now A Popular Smug Anime Girl 2 Wendy's Mascot Is Now A Popular Smug Anime Girl 3

Which inspired Twitter user professorSugoi to whip up a wonderful illustration of an anime depicition of the official Wendy’s Twitter feed, along with the caption “100% convinced that @Wendys is a smug anime girl”.

Since then, various artists have provided us with wonderful illustrations of the Wendy’s mascot as gloriously smug anime girl.

Here’s context for the above image:

Wendy's Context

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