Japan has Tentacle Onahole Sex Toys

While we wait for Star Trek Holodeck sex to be a thing, the universe offers us a pretty good alternative: onaholes from Japan. These are meticulously designed sex toys with a variety of features, and everything from anime catgirls to sister-themed toys and even a large toy for fans of “thicc” anime girls.

One question I’m interested in is, can Japanese onaholes be better than the real thing? Can they offer an experience that goes beyond a flesh-and-blood real girl? If the answer is yes, it’s probably the two “Hidachitsu” series toys.

Hidachitsukko – NEET Girl (Watamote Parody)
Hidachitsukko – NEET Girl (Watamote Parody)

The term Hidachitsu comes from ヒダ hida, meaning bumps or folds, and 膣 chitsu, or vagina, plus 娘 ko, meaning girl. Basically these toys have tentacle-like “strings” criss crossing the inside of the toys, which your penis winds around and through as you use them. The tentacle onahole toys are quite amazing…

The toy above is the Hidachitsukko – NEET Girl, a parody of Tomoko from the Watamote anime, because she’s lonely and needs someone, too.

Hidachitsukko – NEET Girl (Watamote Parody) Entrance

This is what the inside of the toy looks like: with soft “tentacles” that are waiting to massage you from all sides as you use it. It’s the only tentacle onahole you need.

Hidachitsukko – Inside Webs
Hidachitsukko – Inside Webs

Another view of the inside of this toy. One useful feature: if you need to for some reason, you can break some of the strings, creating a larger open space to use. Customers who who find the inside of the toy to be too narrow or tight can adjust the sensation this way.

Hidachitukko PLUS DX Internal Hole Package
Hidachitukko PLUS DX Internal Hole Package

The other tentacle onahole toy in this series is Hidachitsukko PLUS DX, a larger and even more amazing onahole with the same kind of criss-crossing strings inside, which lets us guys experience what “anime tentacle sex” is like.


Hidachitukko PLUS DX Internal Hole Details
Hidachitukko PLUS DX Internal Hole Gathers

A cross section view of the toy. The strings are all flexible and let you pass inside easily, while they grip and wind around you from all angles.


Hidachitukko PLUS DX Internal Hole Entrance
Hidachitukko PLUS DX Internal Hole Entrance

“After a hard day at work, she will welcome you inside like silk butterfly wings, pulling you inside her.”


Hidachitukko PLUS DX Internal Hole Inside 2
Variety of Inside Gather

Another inside view. Again, customers who want a little more space inside have the option of cutting some of the strings to add more space to the inside of toy.


Hidachitukko PLUS DX Internal Hole Inside
Gather details

Another cross section view of the Hidachitsukko DX tentacle onahole toy. In addition to being so amazing on the inside, the toy is very weighty in the hand, which give you more heft and weight in the hand.

もこっちの夏休み By ペイント娘@抱き枕予約中
もこっちの夏休み By ペイント娘@抱き枕予約中 (via)



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Your parting gif. Thanks for reading, and browse the Hidachitsukko Tentacle Onaholes now!

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    Puni Nenmaku Quick Onahole

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  • Fudeoroshi -- Onahole for Beginners

    Fudeoroshi -- Onahole for Beginners

    In Japanese, the term fudeoroshi (literally meaning, to put the writing brush down) is a euphemism for a man losing his virginity, the idea being that he's too busy studying to attend to important life matters like having sex, but he finally does so now. This is a great closed-type onahole for beginners, it has every feature of a standard onahole including bumps and ribs plus lotion for lubrication. Feels soft and makes for a great fap. Made in Japan. Let Fudeoroshi be your first!

  • Onsen Desire

    Onsen Desire

    Adult toy maker Toys Heart releases a new product to help us relieve ourselves. This onahole envisions the body of woman who has just experienced a relaxing hot spring. It features a special kind of entangled ridges inside that we can take our time to slowly relax and able to make us feel better faster. It is made using soft materials that gives us a realistic skin texture and making it easy to penetrate. It is also heavy, weighing 355g for added realism. Made in Japan. Comes with starter lotion.