Today I’ll be spotlighting an art book which is dedicated to anime-style girls, all original creations of each artist, which features special attention paid to the breasts of each character, including the size and shape of the breast themselves, but also the nipples. The art book features the works of 32 outstanding artists like Aoi Nagisa, Nikusyo, Syrioh, and Momoi Comomo.

The O.P.D Final – Oppaido Final art book can be purchased from our store here.

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    Phantasy Star Online is a popular online game here in Japan, thus we can find some good doujinshi's of it as well. Here is one by doujin circle Hidebou House which features the girls of PSO2 in their underwear. Fully colored, this is one sexy doujinshi that we can all enjoy with tons of beautifully illustrated artworks.

  • Not Bad Day 5

    Not Bad Day 5

    If you are a fan of Touhou Project and loves fully colored A4 sized doujinshi's here is a great one for you by doujin circle Trouble Makers. This doujinshi has 28 pages of your favorite characters beautifully illustrated and filled with tons of sexy scenes and fun moments for our eyes to enjoy.

  • GiriGiri Safe

    GiriGiri Safe

    We love it when doujinshi's are in full color, allowing us to enjoy fan made content to a greater extent. Here is an amazing full color A4 Love Live! Sunshine! doujinshi by doujin circle Unstoppable+ featuring the huge full spread illustrations of the girls from the series in a state of borderline safe for work, just a little shy of revealing their women parts.

  • FETI BOX 01

    FETI BOX 01

    There are many gems that can be found in doujinshi's from artists all over Japan as it is a great way to share the things they love. Here is an amazing doujinshi by doujin circle Kotatsu Room, featuring an A4 sized fully colored art book for you to enjoy, featuring your favorite characters from Fate Grand Order and Kancolle in various sexy swim wear.


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