Today I’ll be spotlighting an art book which is dedicated to anime-style girls, all original creations of each artist, which features special attention paid to the breasts of each character, including the size and shape of the breast themselves, but also the nipples. The art book features the works of 32 outstanding artists like Aoi Nagisa, Nikusyo, Syrioh, and Momoi Comomo.

The O.P.D Final – Oppaido Final art book can be purchased from our store here.

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  • SCHOOL GIRLS portrait

    SCHOOL GIRLS portrait

    Here's a really wonderful item for all otaku: a glorious color doujinshi by the CANVAS doujin circle, showing original characters dressed in various school uniforms. As always, the art is incredibly beautiful, and the girls are very wonderful to see on every page. With special guest artists including Matsuzaki Miyuki, Mika Pikazo, and Furai. 24 pages.

  • Frame Arms Girl Official Fanbook

    Frame Arms Girl Official Fanbook

    If you are a fan of the robot girl anime Frame Arms Girl, you will not want to miss this! This is the official art book by Hobby Japan. It contains all the in-depth character designs, episodic reviews and screen captures and tons of interviews with the voice actresses, illustrators, designers, and all those who had a part in making the anime. Also included is a detailed map of places they used for the background of the anime, as well as a list of merchandises available.

  • Rakugaki Note - Eisaku Kubonouchi

    Rakugaki Note - Eisaku Kubonouchi

    This is an amazing artbook by Eisaku Kubonouchi, a mangaka who has been around for quite some time. He is best known for his manga series Chocolat which was adapted into a Taiwanese TV drama. The theme for this artbook is "rakugaki" which means sketch and it features a huge collection of the artworks he's done with this style of drawing with beautiful strokes and line work, he usage of pastel colors really do his art style justice. The cover of the art book is done in a nice matte finish to complement the style and coloring of his illustrations.

  • Okami - Nurie Soushi

    Okami - Nurie Soushi

    If you are a fan of the Okami series, this is a must have artbook for you. The artbook contains a variety of art from the series, a collection of character designs and concept art. The unique ink art style which influenced the game's look is beautifully shown here, with a majority of the pages being dedicated to showing the Japanese Ink art style, bold strokes of thin and thick lines with no hesitation or mistake.