J-List Will Re-Pack Your Onahole Order for Privacy

At J-List, we sell a lot of fun products from Japan, everything from authentic Japanese school bags like all the cool anime characters carry to Cat Bath Bombs with a random little cat toy inside.

But the world being what it is, our most popular product category is naturally the onaholes we sell, which enable males to enjoy sexy time with a cute girl on her wedding night, or perhaps a sexy and willing catgirl. (Both are review links.) We sell these awesome toys to customers all over the world.

But for a few customers who live in certain countries where customs might object to an adult of legal age buying a toy like this, we have a new service: the J-List Anonymous Shipping Service for onaholes, which provides an additional layer of privacy and security for you.

Here’s how it works: when ordering adult products you’d like shipped with their outer packaging removed, add this product to your cart and check out. Our dedicated packing staff will take responsibility to open your item(s) and repack them in a secure generic inner package. (See photos below.) The outer box, with any artwork that might be problematic for people living in certain countries, will be discarded. The order will be shipped in a generic blank box with no J-List logo on the side, and the customs declaration will simply read “toy.”

Please note: All included products, including the onahole, lotion or any instruction materials included with the product, will be re-packed. Onaholes are generally sealed in an airtight inner bag, though this might not be the case with all toys from all manufacturers.

Also please note that no returns are possible.

Let’s take a look at the new service!

J List Anonymous Shipping Service Onahole
An example of the boxes J-List sends non-adult products in.
J List Anonymous Shipping Service Onahole 2
But for adult orders, we ship your order in a generic box with no logo


J List Anonymous Shipping Service Rem Ram
If you live in a country that might object to sexy box art, we’ll repack your order for you!


Img 3753
Our staff will open the toy, which is sealed in an inner airtight bag, and remove the contents…
Onahole Wrapped 2
Everything will be re-packed in secure generic wrapping by the soft hands of J-List’s female packing staff, and the outer box discarded.


J List Anonymous Shipping Service Onahole example
All items, incl. the onahole, lotion and any instruction cards, will be included.


Anime Girl Onahole Delivery
And delivered to you by an anime girl. (Not really.) Art link.



Satanichia Box

Masturbation month

Guess what? May is Masturbation Month, which means J-List is having a sale! For the whole month, get 2x J-List Points on all “H” toys.

anime girl box

Your parting gif. Thanks for reading, and start browsing for your new waifu now!

  • Fuwa Yuru Quattronade

    Fuwa Yuru Quattronade

    Another outstanding onahole from Ride Japan which will give you much pleasure, this is the Fuwa Yuru Quattronade. The concept is built around "quattro" (four), sine there are spirals that twist and wind around your penis as you use it, twisting like a tornado. Each of the spiral arms has small groves along it, which bring fleshy pleasure to you and also keep things nice and lubricated, as lotion enters the crevices. At the back of the toy is a tight "finish zone" for you to ejaculate into. It's a great toy that you will love to use again and again! Best of all, it has "as seen on TV" printed on the box. Late night onahole informercials, we assume...

  • Nurse of 1000 Worms -- Hamedori Nurse Mimizu Senbiki

    Nurse of 1000 Worms -- Hamedori Nurse Mimizu Senbiki

    There's a Japanese word dating back to the Edo Period, mimizu sen-biki, or 1000 writhing worms, which describes the perfect vagina sensation. That's the concept in this deluxe new onahole from Peach Toys, a sweet and willing vagina belonging to a sexy nurse, which feels like 1000 works moving and bringing you pleasure as you slide inside. The toy is large and heavy, being 500 grams, and is going to be big enough for any sized customer thanks to its stretchy nature. Just think of the fun times you'll have with this deluxe meiki ("famous device") style nurse onahole!

  • Nuru Nuru Nata de Coco Needs

    Nuru Nuru Nata de Coco Needs

    Nata de Coco is a dessert from the Philippines that's popular in Japan, made from cooked coconut that's very firm yet soft. That's the image this onahole brings to the table, sliding into something that's form yet soft, and very inviting. The inside is 凸凹, two kanji pronounced deko-boko, which means bumpy, uneven, and the total experience is an amazing onahole that's very pleasing to use, and possibly better than a real woman. The toy is stretchy, too, so customers of any length can use it. Come on and slide inside some Nada de Coco today!

  • Insert Air Pillow Cover #112

    Insert Air Pillow Cover #112

    The Insert Air Pillow series from Tamatoys is a fun way to explore your fantasies in a new way, and now there's a larger DX (deluxe) version! Here's how it works: blow up the Insert Air Pillow DX (sold separately) and insert your favorite onahole (sold separately) into the pocket at either end, then cover it with this onahole cover. One pocket is larger, to take larger onaholes, and the other end is smaller, for smaller toys. Then slide this Insert Air Pillow DX cover over it. The holes line up perfectly, and you can have a great time! This is a mini dakimakura pillow cover which goes around the Insert Air Pillow and onaholes. Enjoy the front or the back! Features artwork by B-Ginga!