Over at J-List we’ve recently launched our monthly box service and we aim to provide the newest and best Japanese items shipped directly to you that are hand-picked by our dedicated staff. Orders are scheduled to open two to three weeks before shipping, but due to the limited nature of these boxes, popular ones may sell out early.

Today I’ll be spotlighting the July Adult box which includes a handful of special selection of adult items including personal toys and lotion, DVDs, as well as some other special adult goods to help you enjoy your personal time. The July Adult box includes A Puni Virgin Tight Mini Schoolgirl Onahole, NURURU Lotion School Girl Package From PEPEE, TENGA EGG – Cloudy, Super Amateur Magazine with 300 minutes DVD and Rocket 2017 First Half of the Year All 58 Title which has 2 discs with a total runtime of 8 hours!

Adult Box (July Edition) Puni Virgin Tight Mini -- Schoolgirl Onahole NURURU Lotion School Girl Package From PEPEE TENGA EGG – Cloudy Rocket 2017 First Half of the Year All 58 Title ***2 Discs & 8 Hours***Super Amateur Magazine with 300 minutes DVD

All J-List adult orders are shipped in a discrete and careful manner, with no indication of any adult contents. Also, we have a new, higher level of privacy for you too: an Anonymous Shipping Service in which your order will be carefully repacked in generic packaging, with the outer box removed.

Anonymous Shipping Service

Don’t forget, if you purchase the box make sure to share it on social media with #JListbox so we can notice you!

  • La vie en ROSES   SOFT

    La vie en ROSES SOFT

    How realistic can an onahole be? That's what MagicEyes plans to find out, with their latest amazing creation, La vie en ROSES. It's a large size masturbator that's super realistic, recreating the shame of a wmoan including her ass, hips and belly button. The coloring is realistic, too, with soft skin outside, pink outer lips and a dark pink interior, to simulate a blood-engorged pussy. Best of all, there are two ways to play with this dual-use onahole: a realistic vagina plus a tighter anal route that's great fun too. The toy is a "virgin" too, with rubber hymen that you break the first time you use it. It's 700 grams, so you get a realistic feel as you use it, and it's made in Japan for extra safety. By Magic Eyes, makers of the Sujiman line of sex toys. This is the Soft version.

  • Namatsuya Extreme Erotic Body

    Namatsuya Extreme Erotic Body

    At J-List, we love it when we get a really well-made onahole in stock, one that we know will bring many hours of joy to our customers. This is a new product released by onahole maker A-One Tokyo. The onahole is shaped like a woman's upper torso and it is beautifully crafted, and is made from thick, realistic materials. It is very heavy, which allows for it to have a more realistic feel, and you can enjoy vaginal or anal sex with the two holes included. You can also enjoy a nice paizuri with the soft and firm breasts. Comes with a bottle of lotion for easy insertion.

  • Long Tongue Fellappuccino

    Long Tongue Fellappuccino

    Every man loves those moments when we get a special gift from that special girl, in the form of a blow job. Now you can experience that any time you like with Long Tongue Fellappuccino, an open-type onahole and fellatio simulator ready to give you some oral fun times. Inside the hole is a realistic mouth with a long tongue, lots of bumps and ridges. Comes with a packet of lotion/lube. By A-One Tokyo.

  • Nurse Gichi Gichi Clinic   HARD Ver.

    Nurse Gichi Gichi Clinic HARD Ver.

    The word gichi gichi is the "sound" of a penis entering a tight virgin pussy, and that's what you get with this new onahole from Ride Japan (RideJapan) that's specially made to simulate a sexy nurse who is clumsy, and who gets into all kinds of sexual situations accidentally. The toy is long, allowing larger customers to enjoy great times, and there are six grooved "tentacles" inside to massage your cares away. A great vacuum-style sex toy for improving prostate health for all men! This is the hard version.