New “Doubles” Japanese Onahole for Maximum Fantasy Fulfillment

I love Japanese food. One of my favorite dishes is called Oyako-don (“parent-and-child rice bowl”), and is basically teriyaki-flavored chicken and scrambled egg served over white rice. The parent and the child, get it? What a knee-slapper.

It turns out that Oyako-don is the name of a fetish, semi-common in hentai manga and games, which is sexually taking a mother and her daughter at the same time. Which leads to all kinds of “Which came first, he chicken or the egg?” jokes. And now…a new Japanese onahole!

Doubles Mother And Daughter Japanese onahole Package
Doubles Mother And Daughter Hole

Enter (heh) the Doubles Mother and Daughter Hole, one of the most innovative toys we’ve sold on J-List, which is saying a lot considering how long we’ve been doing this. The toy simulates the experience of being with a mother and her daughter, but goes beyond this concept in a big way.

Mother And Daughter Japanese onaholeMother And Daughter Hole Size

This toy is frankly amazing, and we don’t say that lightly. The toy is similar to the Doubles Elder Sister and Younger Sister onahole (which has two holes, one for each sister), or the F&F: Fuck and Fellatio onahole series (which give you a mouth and vagina to choose from), but it goes further as there are an amazing four holes to choose from.

The particulars: 225 grams (nice weight), 135 mm (5.5 inches, but it stretches), made in Japan, starter lotion included.

Doubles – Mother And Daughter Hole Inside
Mother And Daughter Hole Inside

There’s a “mother side” (on the right) and a “daughter side” (on the left), the mother providing a larger space and the daughter being tighter, as expected. Instead of just two holes, you get four, two vaginal and two anal routes. We can’t think of a Japanese onhole that has offered so much choice.

Doubles – Mother And Daughter Hole
Mother And Daughter Hole description

A picture of the toy’s cross section. You have four ways to play, including both vaginas and tighter anal holes, depending on your mood.


Doubles – Mother And Daughter Hole How To Use
Mother And Daughter Hole How To Use

Unlike most of the toys we sell, this is an “open type” toy, with both ends open. These are popular with larger customers, since you can pop out the far end if you need the extra length, plus they’re easier to clean.

Obviously a open onahole requires more, shall we say, “liquid management.” You’ll need to make sure it’s totally dry inside before using, and will need to be ready with tissues for “cleanup on aisle 5.” To clean, wipe the insides with tissue until dry. This toy cannot be flipped inside out for cleaning due to its unique shape.

Doubles – Mother And Daughter Japanese Onahole Texture
Mother And Daughter Hole Inside Texture

The toy is made from the company’s “mochi-hada” material which is springy to the touch, just like real skin. There are amazing grooves inside, which provide the resistance that makes it feel realistic.

Doubles Mother And Daughter Hole Details
Doubles Mother And Daughter Hole Details

So, which will come first, the chicken or the egg?

Doubles Hole Series
Doubles Hole Series

Also enjoy the Doubles Older Sister and Younger Sister Onahole!

Doubles Mother And Daughter Hole
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Remember, all J-List adult orders are shipped in a discrete and careful manner, with no indication of any adult contents. So feel free to make an order today!

Doubles Mother Daughter Onahole

Your parting gif. Thanks for reading, and check out the Doubles Mother and Daughter Japanese onahole now!

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