Today I’ll be spotlighting an art book by top illustrator Kanekiyo Miwa (character designer for Yosuga no Sora, Trouble Witch and more), a deshi or under-artist of Kantoku, and she has released a fantastic original art book filled with sexy anime characters for you to admire. The book is filled with lots of nudity, but always tasteful and wonderful. The book has over 130 pages.

The Kanekiyo Miwa Art Works artbook can be purchased from our store here.

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  • BBB


    We love it when new ideas come out of Japan, and the recent trend of "doujin" art books, which allow up-and-coming artists to get their beautiful works out where fans can see them and appreciate them, is one of our favorites. This is a glossy full-color workbook with approximately 48 pages of high-quality art, all based on original fantasista's. The circle's name is Molamola, and the artist is Nimoshi.

  • Moeru! Tenshi (Angel) Moe Encyclopedia

    Moeru! Tenshi (Angel) Moe Encyclopedia

    The Moe Moe Encyclopedia series is an interesting line of artbooks that present information about a specific subject, interjected with gorgeous original moe artwork. This is the Moe Moe Angel book, which illustrates various famous angels in literature and history, updated with cute moe anime-style designs of course. The major angels of Judiasm, Christianity, Islam and even Zoroastrianism are included. Includes a poster inside. 180 pages.

  • Peas Soft 10th H Collection

    Peas Soft 10th H Collection

    Fans of super popular bishoujo eroge maker Peas Soft, get ready for the ultimate Peas Soft artbook. In celebration of their 10th anniversary comes this spanking new artbook covering their 10 years of work. This thick artbook is a combination of the Shitsuji ga Aruji wo Erabutoki Visual Fanbook and compilation of their past works such as Tsukushite agerunoni, Koiiro Chu!Lips, Tsun na Kanojo Dere na Kanojo, Amaane, Amakan and more. Enjoy 146 pages of beautiful art of the cutest bishoujo characters you've ever seen. A must have if you love moe girls.

  • PUSH Illustration Re Collections

    PUSH Illustration Re Collections

    From one of the boldest, most ero-cute and sexy bishoujo game magazines around comes another collection of poster and cover art collected over the past two years! The staff at PUSH!! selected 114 pages of the best, highest quality full color ero illustration work and poster art for you from games like Sengoku Koihime, Alia's Carnival, Innocent Girl, Tsugou no Ii Kazoku, Hanayome to Maou, Otome Switch, and much more. Also includes a bonus CD-ROM filled with wallpaper versions of the art - the sexiest eroge dating sim beauties can grace your PC desktop, too! A great collector's artbook, A4 size from MAX Mook publishing.