Today I’ll be spotlighting an art book by top illustrator Kanekiyo Miwa (character designer for Yosuga no Sora, Trouble Witch and more), a deshi or under-artist of Kantoku, and she has released a fantastic original art book filled with sexy anime characters for you to admire. The book is filled with lots of nudity, but always tasteful and wonderful. The book has over 130 pages.

The Kanekiyo Miwa Art Works artbook can be purchased from our store here.

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  • Tenshi Gahou VII-II Touhou Project Fanbook

    Tenshi Gahou VII-II Touhou Project Fanbook

    Tenshi Hinanawi is the star of this excellent doujin artbook illustrated by Neropaso. Featuring Tenshi in full color art in various ecchi poses that's sure to tantalize. Gorgeous art printed in high quality paper. Fans of the Touhou series won't want to miss this! 18 pages.

  • Tony's ART works from Origin

    Tony's ART works from Origin

    The great Tony Taka has been providing us with gorgeous bishoujo illustrations for 20 years now and to celebrate his illustrious career, he releases his first personal artbook. The artbook is huge, larger than your standard artbook, in hardcover and comes with a clear box case. Inside you will see more than 80 gorgeous illustrations from various sources such as magazine covers, Miku Hatsune & Vocaloid, and original works, all printed in glossy paper and in high resolution so you can truly appreciate the art of Tony. Also comes with an interview of the master himself. 100 pages of high quality artwork for fans of Tony Taka and artbook collectors.

  • Zettai Kaikyu Gakuen - Eden with roses and phantasm - Visual Fanbook

    Zettai Kaikyu Gakuen - Eden with roses and phantasm - Visual Fanbook

    Here is something for the Otome game fans out there. This art book for the Eden With Roses and Phantasm has everything that you are looking for if you are a fan of the game. With over 130 pages of content, it features a collection of illustrations done for the game as well as in depth profiles of major and minor characters with their story paths, additional short stories as well as an interview with the creators.

  • Onigiri no Kimi - Alicesoft Creator Works vol. 1

    Onigiri no Kimi - Alicesoft Creator Works vol. 1

    Onigiri-kun is the wonderful illustrator for top eroge maker Alicesoft who has been designing characters and illustrating for 20 years. This is Onigiri-kun's first artbook to celebrate his illustrious career of drawing some of the hottest women in eroge. This book covers a lot of his famous works such as Beat Angel Escalayer, Beat Blades Haruka, the Pastel Chime series, Heartful Maman, and more. The artbook is divided into sections including Alicesoft Game Visuals, Other Visuals, Character Design History, and an Oppai Collection wherein various oppai are presented for you to admire and guess which oppai belongs to who. 208 pages and comes with a free pinup poster. A thick and satisfying artbook for collectors of gorgeous art.