Today I’ll be spotlighting an art book by top illustrator Kanekiyo Miwa (character designer for Yosuga no Sora, Trouble Witch and more), a deshi or under-artist of Kantoku, and she has released a fantastic original art book filled with sexy anime characters for you to admire. The book is filled with lots of nudity, but always tasteful and wonderful. The book has over 130 pages.

The Kanekiyo Miwa Art Works artbook can be purchased from our store here.

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  • SD Gundam Design Works

    SD Gundam Design Works

    This is a great artbook for all Gundam fans and mecha anime enthusiasts detailing the wonderful world of SD Gundam. SD Gundam is a spinoff series of Gundam, featuring the robots in SD (super deformed) style. The artbook showcases a ton of SD Gundam designs as well as comments from mecha designers who greatly contributed to the franchise such as Koji Yokoi, Susumu Imaishi, Shinya Terashima, Hiroyuki Taiga, Takahiro Yamada, Hiroki Mutaguchi, and Layup. It's great to see all these cool mecha designs and the evolution of SD Gundam from it's humble beginnings to the massive franchise that it is now. 144 pages.

  • Moeoh Selection Pretty Mode 10

    Moeoh Selection Pretty Mode 10

    From the creative minds of 10 popular moe illustrators comes this collection of ero kawaii (cute yet sexy) artwork. Inside you will find extremely moetastic illustrations of schoolgirls, maids, girls in swimsuits, girls wearing underwear, and more. Its a great collection of artistic abilities by these talented artists including yuki ameto, kira inugami, naru nanao, takuya fujima, and shiratama. 128 pages. A wonderful artbook for those with an acute eye for the moe artform.

  • Raramagi Tuner's Note

    Raramagi Tuner's Note

    Raramagi is a popular mobile game RPG for the iOS and Android about a bunch of school girls fighting using magic and music. This gorgeous artbook features the profiles all 32 characters including the adorable mascot Honya. Each character gets 2 pages with a wealth of illustrations and information such as their musical instrument of choice, birthday, height, blood type, voice actor, hobbies, and more. There's also staff interviews and a sneak peek at making the opening trailer of the game. Lots of cute girls! 80 pages.

  • Ni0 ART WORKS Vol.3 sin of LEWDNESS

    Ni0 ART WORKS Vol.3 sin of LEWDNESS

    Here's something fans of high quality artbooks will not want to miss: a deluxe illustration collection of Nishii, the artist responsible for Demonbane, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride/Samurai Girls, Jingai Makyou and more recently, The Seven Deadly Sins. This artbook is a huge collection of the artist's best works, mainly focusing on The Seven Deadly Sins series plus other works such as Wizard Barristers, Kamen Rider Gaimu, and Galilei Donna. Comes with a reversible pinup poster featuring Leviathan, Astaroth, Belial, and Mammon. 174 pages.