Nympho Sensei Ryoko Front

Nympho Sensei Ryoko Brings Joy to All

We have some great news for you! The newest game from JAST USA, Nympho Sensei Ryoko, is shipping now! The game is available immediately as a digital download from JAST USA or J-List, and the...

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Alice And Zouroku

Living next to North Korea sucks, but at least there’s anime

Another anime I started watching this season is Alice and Zouroku, a dramatic and surprisingly cute series about a group of esper girls being experimented on a government facility that’s trying...

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Renai Boukun Anime

What Would You Do with a “Kiss Note”?

Just as you never know what stocks will go up or down in the stock market, it’s remarkably hard to tell which new anime series will be embraced by fans. Major series like Seiren, Akiba’s...

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Bastard Magic Instructor anima

Another Magical High School Anime, plus Oppai Keyboards

Well, my fun trip to Seattle is done, and the time has come for me to flit back to J-List World Headquarters in Northern Kanto, Japan. See everyone on the other side! One new anime I started...

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Sakura Quest Blog Post

Go on a Sakura Quest and Discover Your Place in the World

As an anime fan, I find I tend to be loyal to the studios that create shows I love, and whenever KyoAni, Shaft or Sunrise release a new show, I’m usually there, ready to watch and blog about it...

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Laughing Salesman

How to Get Senpai to Notice You 101

We’re finally done with Sakura Con and are heading back home to San Diego now. We had tons of fun in Seattle, visiting all the iconic parts of the city and sampling its famous “cult of...

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SUntitled 1

Eromanga Sensei Delivers Ero Manga, Feels

We’re tired from our long drive to Seattle from San Diego, but now we’re here at Sakura-Con to have fun with our customers and show off the great products we brought. See us at...

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Let the moe softness of Hinako Note envelop you

Let the ‘Moe’ of Hinako Note Softly Envelop You

Hello from California. We’re currently making  our way up from San Diego, through Los Angeles and the Bay Area as we head towards Seattle. It’s a long road trip, but lots of fun after my...

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Studying Japanese on oppai

Ten Reasons You’ll Hate Studying Japanese and What to Do About it

I posted a graphic to J-List’s Facebook page that made fun of the frustration students studying Japanese experienced with katakana characters — シ shi, ツ tsu, ソ so and ン n...

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War In Anime And That Time Miyazaki Bombed Pearl Harbor

Anime is War, or That Time Miyazaki Bombed Pearl Harbor

Today is the 72nd anniversary of the sinking of the Battleship Yamato, which took place as the largest battleship in history was speeding towards Okinawa with the aim of beaching herself and becoming...

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why anime fans love yuri

Ten Reasons Anime Fans Love Yuri

One genre of anime-related pop culture that seems to be rising in popularity is yuri, as series like the outstanding Scum’s Wish and the upcoming Citrus anime show. The term 百合族...

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this is your brain on anime hentai too

This Is your Brain on Anime…And Hentai, Too

One question I’m interested in is, what happens inside our brains when we decide we love Indian naan bread, or the new Pocky Squeeze, or obsessing over certain Sailor Moon characters?...

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