Lucky Star

The History of J-List’s Megumi Mascot

Anime Expo starts in a week, and J-List is celebrating early with a huge 300-points-per-$20 sale. Here’s how it works: make an order on the site, and check out using code AX2017. We’ll...

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Eromanga Sensei Fashion Bitch

Meet Megumi Jinno, the ‘Fashion Bitch’

When animators go to create unique new characters, they generally start from certain basic archetypes. A fiery tsundere who’s four feet tall yet could defeat any opponent with a single punch....

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Quora Japan Questions Answered

Random Questions about Japanese Society Answered

One site I visit from time to time is Quora, a place to ask questions and get answers on various topics, some of which are whimsical but others quite interesting to read. Questions about Japan are...

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a new crisis for the anime industry

A Crisis for the Anime Industry and How to Fix It

Although anime is massively popular throughout the world, from Finland to Fiji and America to Azerbaijan — there’s an annual anime convention there now, isn’t that cool? —...

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Las Vegas Love Live School Idol Project

The “Kokoro” (Heart) Of Las Vegas and Japan

I’m enjoying a brief vacation, the annual trip to Las Vegas I take with Mrs. J-List, where we spend hours relaxing by the pool and doing as little as possible. We like coming to Vegas because...

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Eromanga Sensei Harem Anime

I Can’t Believe My Harem Anime is This Cute

I continue to enjoy Eromanga Sensei, a fun harem anime that tells the story of light novel writer Masamune Izumi who finds himself at the center of a harem comprised of a perverted classmate named...

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Tooru Kobayashi Head Pat

Do You Need Anime Head Pats in Your Life?

One subject I’m interested in is the way anime and related popular culture can help fans who suffer from social anxiety or other emotional challenges, providing an escape that they can use to...

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Voice Actor Industry

How to Fix Japan’s Seiyuu Industry by Destroying It

Last time I talked about ways in which Japan’s approach to capitalism often seems more “gentle” than in the U.S., with companies opting to peacefully co-exist with each other...

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ayase aragaki microphone in studio

Japan’s “Cooperative” Capitalism and the Seiyu Industry

One subject I write about a lot is the way Japan practices a “gentler” form of capitalism that’s less cutthroat and generally more peaceful, cooperative and honest than in other...

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Love Live Yes No Pillow

Japanese Copyright: the End of Doujinshi?

One of the more refreshing aspects of Japan is the laissez faire attitude companies take to certain aspects of Japanese copyright, specifically “doujin” or fan-produced works such as...

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phoenix comicon and using chopsticks

Five Reasons Why We Love Anime Girls

There are many things to like about anime girls. The way they can be violent one minute then shy and vulnerable the next. The cute forefinger touching thing they do when they get shy....

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Phoenix Comicon

The Rise of Anime Cons and Cosplay

Hello from Phoenix Comic Con! I’ve made the hop from Japan to San Diego, and then driven with my staff to Phoenix. If you’ll be at the show! Come see us at booth 653 all weekend long!...

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