Hashimoto Lulu Doll Cosplay 2

Hashimoto Lulu and the Evolution of Cosplay

The Doll Cosplay That’s Making an Impression on Japan Back in the early days of J-List, I read a book called the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, which contained such gems as “it’s...

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Do You Like Lesbian Anime Software Developers?

J-List Recommends New Game!, for fans of Lesbian Anime Game Developers Hello from Tokyo. Since most of Japan is still closed due to the Obon holidays, I decided to take a few days to hang out in...

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Comiket 92 Cosplay Day 1 And 2 0122

Comiket 92 Report and the History of Doujinshi

Want to Know the History of Doujinshi? Japan’s famous Comiket 92 has just ended, and this year’s celebration of cosplay, underground Japanese comics and all other forms of creative...

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Marge Simpson Call Me A Kill Joy

The Top 8 Things Anime Fans Hate

While I love anime and have been a fan for 38 years, there are certainly some things I don’t like. Fighting anime where they take eight episodes to resolve a conflict. Series that are so...

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Your Favorite Brown Anime Girl

Who’s Your Favorite Tanned or Brown Anime Girl?

When animators go to design a new character, they have an unlimited number of potential features they can draw on, from glasses to cat ears to purple “drill hair” that rotates when the...

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Anime Subs Or Dubs

The Eternal Anime Question: Subs or Dubs?

One of the eternal questions in anime is, subs or dubs? When I asked this question of my Twitter and Facebook followers, I was surprised at the huge number of varied responses I got back. Most...

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Do The Japanese Hate Feet And Other Random Questions

Do The Japanese Hate Feet? And Other Random Japan Questions

I hope everyone is enjoying Friday, and getting ready to have a great weekend. I decided to do a special post today, another “Ask J-List anything” post, with your random Japan...

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Princess Principal

Princess Principal, plus Sony buying Funimation?

Hello again from J-List! Today is a very special day — August 2, also known as Pantsu Day! Although it’s not in the list of the top 10 anime series fans are current watching (blog...

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Netsuzou Trap When Girls Steal Girls From Boys

When Girls Steal Girls from Boys (Yuri Anime)

I continue to work through the new anime series Japan has prepared for us this season. One show I’ve had my eye on a while is the Netsuzou Trap yuri anime, based on a popular manga series....

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Japanese Newscaster

What Anime Made you Cry?

My anime convention season is over, and now I’m flying back to Japan. I’m actually posting this update from inside the plane, thanks to the modern miracle of in-flight Internet. What a...

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The Japanese Love Bread And Panties

The Japanese Love Bread and Panties

Well, the time has come for me to end my fun time here in beautiful San Diego and return to (hot and humid) Japan. As usual, it’s been great spending two months in my hometown, hanging out...

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Would You Marry An Otaku

Would You Marry an Otaku?

Another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, and our staff is all tired but happy after a great show. We shook hands with hundreds of fans, sold a huge number of Sailor Moon products, English...

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