Japanese Election Report

Japan Election Report! Would You Vote for a Japanese Cat?

Decision 2017! Your Japan Election Questions Answered It’s election season in Japan right now, and this Sunday Japanese voters will head to their polling place to cast votes for their candidate...

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Girlfriend Is A Shobitch

Why You Should Watch ‘My Girlfriend is a Faithful Virgin Bitch’

Exploring Interesting Fetishes in the ‘Virgin Bitch’ Anime J-List had some server related issues at the end of last week and also during the weekend, though things are working fine now....

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Kemono Friends And Japan's Otaku Penguin

Saying Goodbye to Japan’s Otaku Penguin

Saying Goodbye to a Kemono Friend, Japan’s Otaku Penguin Two announcements. First, we’re happy to report that the Megumi Halloween stickers are available again, so if you want one, put in...

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Blend S And Black Companies In Japan Office Lady 2

The New Blend S Anime, plus Japan’s “Black Companies”

Are You Going to Watch the New Blend S Anime? A new anime season is upon us, and as usual I’ve rolled up my sleeves to sample the new shows so I can tell you which are worth watching. One...

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Does Your Country Have A Positive View Of Japan

Does Your Country Have a Positive View of Japan?

Does your country have a positive view of Japan? One topic I write a lot about is how Japan can be sensitive to how it’s perceived by people from other countries, and some of Japan’s...

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The Joy Of Sailor Moon And Japanese Curry

The Joy of Sailor Moon and Curry Rice

The Joy of Sailor Moon, and Japanese Foods Like Curry Rice One thing I love about animation is its timelessness. You generally won’t find me watching old episodes of Diff’rent Strokes...

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questions about Japan answered

More Random Questions about Japan and J-List Answered

Got Questions about Japan or J-List? We Have Answers! Since we’re in between anime seasons, I don’ have much in my queue to write about, so I thought I’d do another “ask me...

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This Highschool of the Dead Pachinko Will Make You Moist

This Highschool of the Dead Pachinko Machine Will Make You Moist J-List‘s home prefecture of Gunma is home to some famous companies, including Sapporo ramen, one of only three Häagen-Dazs ice...

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Hollywood Steals Anime

Hollywood Steals Anime…Again

Hollywood Steals Anime Again, and My Favorite Half French Video Game Producer The internet was buzzing yesterday about news that there will be a Hollywood remake of Shinkai Makoto’s Kimi no...

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The Best Sushi In Japan

What’s The Best Sushi in Japan?

Why Sushi in Japan is Cheap but Pizza is Expensive Now that Fall is here, it’s time to enjoy some great Autumn foods, like the wide variety of nabe (hot pot) dishes, or the healthy onyasai...

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Princess X My Fiancee Is A Monster Girl Announcement

A World Where Anything is Possible, Including Monster Girls

Anything is possible in anime, including monster girls! I love the 2D world of anime and games because anything is possible. Literally any character, setting, situation, technology or story element...

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Japanese People Love Cats Touhou

Ever Wonder Why Japanese People Love Cats So Much?

Why Do Japanese People Love Cats So Much? While language, culture and history might separate us all, one thing most of us have in common is love of cats. It’s true in Japan, too, where...

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