New ‘Niku-Man” Onahole for Meat Lovers [NSFW]

It’s time for me to review the latest realistic onahole from Japan, the Niku-Man, a large and thick onahole, which we recently posted to the site. Like the other “thicc” onaholes...

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Treasure Double Sex Life Hako Iri Girls

Dual Onahole Gives You Two Girls-in-a-Box [NSFW]

A New Dual Onahole for Fantasy Fulfillment There’s no there’s denying that the Japanese are incredibly innovative when it comes to inventing new ways to fulfill erotic fantasies, and...

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July Blog Snack Box DX

What’s in the New J-List Snack Box for July? Click and see!

Last November, J-List launched our J-List Box monthly boxes, which lets you get your mitts on awesome Japanese snacks, seasonal and toy items, plus awesome ecchi products every month. There’s...

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Cosplay Doll Onahole

New Costume Play Doll Let’s you Take it All Off [NSFW]

It seems every time I turn around Japan’s amazing sex toy makers have come up with a totally new idea or twist on onaholes, innovative vibrators for guys or girls, and other products to assist...

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Bakunyu Muchi Muchi Opparina

New ‘Muchi Muchi Opparina’ Offers Explosive Oppai [NSFW]

Why You’ll Love the new Muchi Muchi Opparina Oppai Sex Toy If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 2017, it’s that fans really like their anime girls “thicc,” and...

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Hameblanca Crea White Princess Onahole

New White Princess Idol Onahole [NSFW]

The Perfect Idol Onahole is Here One thing I love about Japan’s onahole manufacturers is the intense effort they put into coming up with a creative “gimmick” for each toy to have,...

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New Love Doll Coco [NSFW]

Most of us love a good bit of quality “solo ecchi” time, which is a good way to take the edge off and reduce your daily stress, because stress is bad and all. One of the big innovations in...

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Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Onahole

The Most Popular Onahole in J-List History? [NSFW]

J-List has been selling onahole toys for about a decade now, and we’ve sold some fun ones, including fun anime parody toys from Tamatoys like everyone’s favorite blue-haired maid to the...

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Miko Sake Lotion Your Name Parody

‘Your Name’ Products for Sexy Times [NSFW]

Tamatoys Brings us new Your Name Sex Toy, Miko Sake Lotion The film Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa) by Makoto Shinkai has smashed all records for box-office receipts and popularity, racing past the former...

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How To Draw Underwear Shitagi No Kakikata

How to Draw Girls Underwear

Want to become a famous artist in Japan, the next Tony Taka or Kantoku? Want to draw cute lacey panties just like Sagiri from Eromanga Sensei? Well, J-List can help! This is How to Draw Girls...

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Taimanin Yukikaze 2 Love Lotion

Taimanin Asagi and Yukikaze Ninja Lotion Sneak Up on You [NSFW]

The Only Female Ninja Lotion You Need When I posted detailed reviews of the Taimanin Asagi and Yukikaze female ninja onaholes that we sell a couple days ago,. a lot of readers hadn’t...

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Fuwa Toro Motchi! Special Thicc Onahole

Fuwa Toro Motchi! Special Thicc Girl Onahole [NSFW]

It’s funny, the way trends in anime girls come and go. One year imouto younger sisters might be all the rage, and the next year it will be catgirls, and the year after that, twin-tail...

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