Taimanin Yukikaze 2 Love Lotion

Taimanin Asagi and Yukikaze Ninja Lotion Sneak Up on You [NSFW]

The Only Female Ninja Lotion You Need When I posted detailed reviews of the Taimanin Asagi and Yukikaze female ninja onaholes that we sell a couple days ago,. a lot of readers hadn’t...

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Fuwa Toro Motchi! Special Thicc Onahole

Fuwa Toro Motchi! Special Thicc Girl Onahole [NSFW]

It’s funny, the way trends in anime girls come and go. One year imouto younger sisters might be all the rage, and the next year it will be catgirls, and the year after that, twin-tail...

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Taimanin Yukikaze 2 Raijuugeki Hole

The Female Ninja Onahole You Didn’t Know you Needed [NSFW]

I’ve been running J-List for more than 20 years, and one thing I’ve observed is that, in every era, there seems to be one “universal” hentai anime that everyone knows. Back in...

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J List Box Snack Box DX (June Edition)

June Deluxe Snack Box High Res Pictures

A new month is here, and the hardworking staff of J-List has created another amazing DX J-List Box snack box. I’m going to go over all of the items you get so you can know ahead of time. As...

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How To Apply Lube For TENGA MOOVA

Tenga Moova Washable Onahole [NSFW]

Tenga Moova: A Bold New Onahole Vision The most famous series of onahole toys from Japan has to be Tenga, the legendary line of onaholes, vibrators, and sexual lotion that (according to legend) was...

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slave maid breeding Rem Onahole

Popular Slave Maid Breeding Rem Onahole

Popular Rem Onahole Brings Stress Relief While the onahole masturbation aids Japan has become famous for in recent years are truly amazing in and of themselves, another important aspect is the...

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Triple Glans Shaker Male Vibrator 1

Review: “Glans Triple Shaker” Toy for Men [NSFW]

Amazing “Glans Triple Shaker” Male Vibrator When it comes to relieving personal stress, nobody beats the Japanese at innovation or creativity, as anyone who has browsed the “dual...

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Soft Shimapan Bra Otokonoko 2L Mint Green Green 1

Review: New Otokonoko Fashion Items for Spring

At J-List, we sell a lot of fun and random items from Japan, everything from Japanese “Uwabaki” school shoes to “socks glue” to hold your cool Japanese socks up to the official...

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Virgin Onahole 2

Review: ‘Virtual Beautiful Body’ Girlfriend Onahole the Best Yet? [NSFW]

It’s happened again: Japanese master onahole maker Tamatoys has once again created the largest, most realistic “total girlfriend replacement” onahole ever made, so far. Let’s...

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Kemono Friends Parody Onahole 5

Review: Kemono Friends Onahole – Your New Obsession [NSFW]

The Kemono Friends Onahole You Didn’t Know You Needed “I see you’re a ‘friends’ who’s good at masturbation!” So there’s this wonky-but-interesting CGI...

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Sujiman Kupa Rinka Mocchiri Soft

Review: ‘Sujiman Kupa’ Virgin Onahole the Best Ever [NSFW]

J-List sells a lot of onaholes from Japan. Amazing “complete girlfriend-replacement” toys with lots of high-end features features, multiple catgirl-themed onaholes, a helpful nurse who...

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New puffy vulva virgin onahole review

Review: Virgin Matchless DX “Puffy Vulva” Onahole [NSFW]

Amazing New “Puffy Vulva” Virgin Onahole When it comes to an onahole masturbation aid from Japan, there are many routes you can go with. Something simple, like the amazing Tenga Egg, or...

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