Pleasant Splash Girl Wet Onahole

Japan’s Most Recent Onahole Is Able to Squirt [NSFW]

An Industry First! A “Wet Orgasm” Onahole Pretty much every time I start to write a review about a Japanese sex toy, I’m impressed that they managed to come up with yet another...

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Bubble Butt

New “Bubble Butt” Gives Maximum Backstory [NSFW]

The Anime Butt Toy We Didn’t Know We Needed No one can say the Japanese aren’t dedicated when it comes to creating incredible new onahole toys for managing stress relief. Over the past...

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Deep Throat Face

New ‘Deep Throat Face’ Has Us Feeling Curious (NSFW)

Is The New Deep Throat Girl Japan’s Most Outrageous Sex Toy? If you’ve been following the detailed sex toy reviews I’ve been writing, you know we’ve covered some amazing products. A full sized...

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Frigging Girl

Manage Your Daily Stress With ‘Frigging Girl’ [NSFW]

The Onahole from Toy’s Heart That Captures the Changing Heart of a Girl There are certain things from Japan I am thankful for. A little flash of blue that can make our day brighter. The...

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Succubus Chan Wa Sakaritai

Succubus Teacher Dreams Come True [NSFW]

Is The Order a Succubus Teacher? The Japanese are great at certain things. Creating dramatic animation with compelling stories and characters. Amazing us with supremely detailed art. Inventing new...

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Fellatio Office Lady

Overtime with Office Lady [NSFW]

Japan is amazing at enabling our fantasies, and we love the innovative sex toys we’ve carried over the years. We’ve got a toy that faithfully recreates the feel (and scent) of a virgin, a...

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M Bondage Meiki

Magnificent “M” Meiki Makes Men’s Members Majestic [NSFW]

It’s time for another wacky onahole review from J-List, and as usual, you’ve chosen a great masturbation toy to show you. It’s called the M Bondage Meiki, and it’s extremely...

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Double Tekoki Onahole1

Double Tekoki Onahole [NSFW]

It’s always nice to see a fresh idea come out of Japan, and today’s extremely creative male sex toy is the Double Tekoki Onahole, an amazing toy that simulates two soft hands that are...

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Long Tongue Fellappuccino4

New ‘Fellappuccino’ Brings Oral Delight [NSFW]

There are a few things all of us could do with a little bit more of. A little more money in our bank account. Another box of Thin Mints hidden at the back of the freezer. And a little more oral love...

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Puni Virgin Mini Soft

Puni Virgin Mini Soft and Hard [NSFW]

The Puni Virgin Mini Onahole Japan’s incredible skill at designing innovative toys that let guys take the edge off after a hard day at work continues, and today I’m going to review to fun...

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Summer Girl Floor Onahole

Summer Girl Onahole Lets you Get Down on the Floor [NSFW]

There are many kind of onahole sex toys available from Japan: large-sized “full girlfriend replacement” toys, catgirl-themed toys, even a masturbation aid based on a helpful nurse...

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New ‘Niku-Man” Onahole for Meat Lovers [NSFW]

It’s time for me to review the latest realistic onahole from Japan, the Niku-Man, a large and thick onahole, which we recently posted to the site. Like the other “thicc” onaholes...

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