Would You Marry An Otaku

Would You Marry an Otaku?

Another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, and our staff is all tired but happy after a great show. We shook hands with hundreds of fans, sold a huge number of Sailor Moon products, English...

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My Girlfriend Is A Faithful Virgin Bitch Volume 1 Cover

My Girlfriend Is a Faithful Virgin Bitch TV Anime Slated to Air This Fall

The official website of the upcoming anime adaptation of Namiru Matsumoto’s My Girlfriend Is a Faithful Virgin Bitch (Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken) romantic comedy manga...

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Prepare For Halloween With A Naked Anime Witch!

Prepare for Halloween with a Naked Anime Witch!

Griffon Enterprises and Bisho-Jo Tairiku has recently revealed details about an incredibly sexy original figure featuring a cute witch, pulling down her panties to show you the goods. She stands at...

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Kantai Collection Shigure Casual Outfit Version Figure 0006

Shigure Brings out the Autumn Atmosphere in Latest Kancolle Figure

Good Smile Company has recently revealed details about the upcoming figure of the second Shiratsuyu-class destroyer, Shigure, wearing a casual outfit. From the popular browser game Kantai...

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Melon Books Ringo Melon Girls Figure 0008

Ringo Reveals Her Melons in Latest Figure

Griffon Enterprises and Bisho-Jo Tairiku has recently revealed details about the upcoming 1/6th scale figure of Ringo, one of the original characters of online Doujin shop Melon Books called Melon...

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Rain Tiffa Ass

The Kakegurui Compulsive Gambler Anime, plus Sound Words!

Greetings from the San Diego Comic-Con! J-List’s booth is well stocked with anime figures, plush toys, hentai grab bags, plus the awesome limited FAKKU x J-LIST Hentai Boxes and awesome con...

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Top 10 Male And Female Anime Characters Newtype August 2017 Issue

Top 10 Male and Female Anime Characters – Newtype August 2017 Issue

Today’s character rankings come from the August 2017 Issue of the popular Japanese monthly anime magazine, NewType. NewType Magazine is a monthly publication originating from Japan, covering...

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Re ZERO Starting Life In Another World Rem Anime Figure 0003

Kick Back with This Wonderful Figure of Re:Zero’s Rem!

Chara-ani and Toy’sworks has recently revealed details about the upcoming 1/7th scale figure of the younger of the twin maid sisters, Rem! From the popular Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another...

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The Disappearance Of Nagato Yuki Chan Yuki Nagato Bunny Version Anime Figure 0001

Yuki Nagato Dressed in a Santa Bunny Girl Costume Is Coming to Visit This Christmas!

FREEing has recently revealed details about the upcoming sexy 1/4th scale figure of Yuki Nagato dressed in a Santa bunny girl outfit! From the popular The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan series....

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M Bondage Meiki

Magnificent “M” Meiki Makes Men’s Members Majestic [NSFW]

It’s time for another wacky onahole review from J-List, and as usual, you’ve chosen a great masturbation toy to show you. It’s called the M Bondage Meiki, and it’s extremely...

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J List At San Diego Comic Con 2017 FAKKU X J List Hentai Box!

J-List at Comic Con 2017: FAKKU X J-List Contest!

Once again J-List is at the San Diego Comic-con, ready to meet our awesome customers and sell them on hentai products. We love the San Diego Comic-Con because it’s such a fun place to be, with...

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Hajimete No Gal

My First Girlfriend is…a Valley Girl?

It’s that time of year again, when all nerd-dom will turn its collective head to my hometown for the San Diego Comic-Con, the largest celebration of super-hero comics, sci-fi movies,...

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