Sakura Curry

“Pink Sakura Curry” Available for a Limited Time at Japanese Restaurant

During Japan’s Golden Week (April 29/May 3-5) and a few days beyond, the Niigata-Naeba Prince Hotel ‘s Restaurant Azalea will be selling this new pink curry dish on their lunch menu from...

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Prison School Hana Midorikawa Figure 0006

Hana Midorikawa Strips in Recent Prison School Figure

Aspire has recently revealed details about the upcoming 1/7th scale figure of the easy-going student loved by all and secretary of the Underground Student Council – Hana Midorikawa, also known...

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The Most Shocking Deaths In Anime According To Japanese Fans

The Most Shocking Deaths in Anime According to Japanese Fans

Japanese media website, Goo, asked their users: Which anime death was the most shocking to you? The data was accumulated from April 04, 2017 to April 18, 2017. Here are the results: 10. Raoh (Hokuto...

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Kimi No Na Wa. Visual 1

Kimi no Na wa. Tops $4 Million USD in North America with a Worldwide Gross of over $353 Million USD

It has been just over 3 weeks into its limited run in the North America region and Makoto Shinkai’s record breaking Kimi no Na wa. (your name.) anime film has crossed $4 Million USD (¥440 Million...

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Kobayashi San Chi No Maid Dragon Quetzalcoatl Lucoa Cosplay 1

Marvelous Lucoa Cosplay by Chinese Cosplayer Sherry

Chinese cosplayer Sherry has recently taken Twitter by a storm due to her marvelous cosplay of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon‘s Lucoa. Japanese Spats Gym Uniform Set - size L-LLHere is a great...

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Kantai Collection Libeccio Anime Figure 0010

I’ll Show You the Power of an Italian Destroyer! Libeccio, Deploying Out!

Hobby Japan has recently revealed details about the upcoming 1/7th scale figure of the Italian destroyer, Libeccio! from the popular browser game, Kantai Collection. She is 8.7 inches (22cm) tall and...

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Alice And Zouroku

Living next to North Korea sucks, but at least there’s anime

Another anime I started watching this season is Alice and Zouroku, a dramatic and surprisingly cute series about a group of esper girls being experimented on a government facility that’s trying...

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Persona 5 Ann Takamaki Figure 0003

Ann Takamaki Receives Beautiful Figure of Her Phantom Thief Guise

Hobby Japan has recently revealed details about the upcoming 1/7th scale figure of the popular student from Shujin Academy who lives a double life as a Phantom Thief, Ann Takamaki! from the well...

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NyanType MAGAZINE May 2017 Anime Posters Eromanga Sensei

Sagiri Izumi Takes the Spotlight in New Poster Visual

Sagiri Izumi from the anime adaptation of Tsukasa Fushimi and Hiro Kanzaki’s Eromanga-sensei light novel series has been featured as a poster in the May 2017 issue of NyanType. This issue can be...

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Myriad Colors Phantom World Mai Kawakami Anime Figure 0006

Mai Kawakami Displays Why Bloomers Are Appealing in New Figure

Figure maker ques Q has recently revealed details about the upcoming 1/7th scale figure of Mai Kawakami from Souichirou Shinno and Shirabi’s Musaigen no Phantom World (Myriad Colors Phantom...

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Kemono Friends Parody Onahole 5

Take Your Kemono Friends Obsession to a Whole New Level

The Kemono Friends Onahole You Didn’t Know You Needed “I see you’re a ‘friends’ who’s good at masturbation!” So there’s this wonky-but-interesting CGI...

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Sujiman Kupa Rinka Mocchiri Soft

New ‘Sujiman Kupa’ Virgin Onahole the Best Ever

J-List sells a lot of onaholes from Japan. Amazing “complete girlfriend-replacement” toys with lots of high-end features features, multiple catgirl-themed onaholes, a helpful nurse who...

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